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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  2. Amazingly the resilience of the whitetail deer... Great to see she was able to continue healthly and breed and give birth. Great job to the fish and game experts...Nice to see positive outcome.
  3. Proud Dad. Tell him of our thanks for his service.
  4. Next time try Burmuda...... Friendly people....Everyone we met. Water and choices of different beaches are the best you could ask for. The wife and I been there four times and enjoyed each trip. We cruised to the Bahamas a number of years ago, and were not impressed either.
  5. Apparently the hunter didn't have his "keys" with him...
  6. Merry Christmas and Healthy Happy New Year. Pray for our Troops and Police.
  7. Congrats on beautiful buck. Great story as well.
  8. I will go of my way to kill one of these deer killers. Really big one, little out of range and caught me by surprise on Monday. Checking cams revealed a lot of action in the last week, maybe if the cards are right, a shot may come sooner than later.
  9. Look what you have to look forward to? As long as he makes it, he should be a sweet wall hanger next season.
  10. Got to remember that one...Will definitely help me out.
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