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  1. interesting..... Guess that's coming off my bucket list of flicks this summer. What a hypocrite.
  2. Another waste of time.... I'm sure you all know how that's going to work out. God help us.
  3. Thanks to your son and all our men and women that secure our freedom everyday. And let us never forget all the families for there sacrifices. God Bless America.
  4. I thought he was going to get in the race.... March 1st was the cutoff date. Thank God Trump has Christie on his side.....what a joke. Trying to add some humor to the topic, but we are screwed.
  5. How come this post came up? Looks like the last entry was in 3/13.
  6. Shop Rite sells pork roll...... You want the real good stuff...ask for "Taylor Ham". Night and Day as far as taste goes.
  7. Two more years we are moving down. Can't wait to be free....
  8. Gruntmaster


    Did you hear her...."God Blessed Me"....Yes He Did. Memories to last a lifetime. Brings back my sons first deer, We will never forget that. Beautiful buck too!!!
  9. On my property I see bears all the time during bow season, never saw a animal during gun season.... Looking forward to next year bow season. What information is out as of now ? Spring archery, length of season? Muzzleloader, Length of season ? Special permits or lottery? Any baiting restrictions ? License fees, $2.,$28. ?
  10. I to believe the antis are going to up the game with the extra seasons coming next season, hence we need to keep all our efforts in step. Please continue to update all of us on all issues, and anyway i can help with our cause, please feel free to ask for help. Thanks, Tony
  11. Good move....Education about health always interests me. Thanks...
  12. Our dogs love them too.... Vet tells us they are safe and very healthy for there gums and teeth.
  13. Robin, First and fore most....be extra safe and watch your back. Of course....don't leave your home without your cell phone.
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