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  1. What kind of starter do you use?
  2. I would recommend you don't rush into it...Read ,read, and read some more. Look into a re loader forum to learn from others. There a lot of experienced re-loaders on here to. Can be very rewarding for squeezing the most out of your high power rifle. My reloading is based on performance not trying to save money. Good projectiles and quality power and wads don't come cheap... I don't think your going to save a million dollars, but you will get loads worth millions in the performance category. I been tinkering with rifle, shot shells since 1971, no expert, just love shooting.
  3. Sorry to hear that....Encourage your Mom to keep her chin up.
  4. I agree....On six day you sometimes see bucks that you never see all year, deer that are pushed from other properties. I always like to hold onto what i think may happen to come my way...some years i get nice surprises and some i eat tag soup. Change is always good too.
  5. We can never do enough for these families. First thing we need to understand and teach our children.
  6. God bless all our gold star families. Thanks for all your sacrifices.....
  7. A hunt my son and I were on up at the gap..... Super cold December morning....I set him up in a spot were he made his own ground blind the week prior. I watched the deer approach him from maybe one hundred yards away and thought for a second he may have nodded off, but happily saw the flash of the muzzle from the first light of the morning. One shot kill....Never forget how excited he was that day. First gut job too! Memories like this never are forgotten. Tons of hunts that my Dad and i had over the years from birds to deer and week stay overs at of deer camp. Only wish I recorded more pics, but there permanently embedded in my brain.
  8. I have a whole swamp..on our property..probably 25 or 30 acres all to myself...i only hunt a very small portion, and leave the rest untouched for the last seven years. Great bedding area not walked on in a number of years. My club members are very respectful of each others spots....we never step onto another guys spot without permission.
  9. Interesting observations on the crossbow.....Thank You.
  10. Nice to see you had a chance at her....she may have been laying down for the last time with that other wound. Great story and final results with your kill... Congrats.
  11. The difference is plain pork roll is just that "pork Roll".....if it's TAYLOR it tastes better.
  12. Consider yourself lucky. That site is becoming a real joke lately. Some really great people that are very knowledgeable that belong here.
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