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  1. I'm also thinking about a 32 or 36 for squirrels. Not ready for anything custom yet. Maybe a nice used cap lock to get my feet wet. Any ideas?
  2. Bloombury... We use to stop in the sport shop in town for shells now and then. Our club had property up the hill on School House Road for a number of years, great area, to bad there are no more deer around there anymore, just kidding. Good Luck.
  3. Oh Yeah... And the snow cover, with the blood trail...
  4. :beer:I'm here to help with the cold ones...
  5. And I thought I lose it sometimes with things not going my way... I feel better now. Thank You.
  6. Mission Eliminator 60# NAP Drop Away Tru Glo Sight
  7. Nice job Matt. Site looking great.:beer:
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