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  1. Awesome deer! Nice pics and video. Not easy to do.
  2. Nice buck. Congrats! Very creative recovery technique.
  3. Thanks for all the nice comments. We're in Zone 19.
  4. Good looking buck. Congrats! I know a guy who hunts the pine barrens. Sounds like it's always tough.
  5. We are thoroughly enjoying the 2019-2020 season so far. It was a lot of work doing preseason stand/blind/trail-cam maintenance but it's always fun being out in the woods. Pic A - My brother took a good buck on Oct. 5th. It was a hot day and we were soaked in sweat by the time we tracked his deer and got it out of the woods and ready for the butcher. He got a good Tac-Ta-Cam video of the buck coming into the field and the Lumenok shot. Pic B - The following Saturday I got a buck at last light. Hadn't seen a thing the entire sit. With little time left I saw this buck at 80 yards on a path that would not have come near me. Did a little rattling and it was enough to get him to circle around and come up behind me dead down wind. My Tac-Ta-Cam video was dark due to the canopy. Saw 2 min of dark, a flying Lumenok then more dark. I always forget to follow the target after the shot. Pic C - This is a great trail-cam pic from last week. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Stay Safe Phil
  6. Here are some recent trail cam pics. The last one is three fox playing tug-of-war with a black snake.
  7. My brother and I both got one a couple years ago. Use them mostly through bow season. They're a lot of fun. This scope mount looks pretty cool!
  8. Been there many times. Great place for birding if the bugs aren't too bad. Got these pics a couple years ago on a nasty cold windy rainy day in February. I went into the information building and ask if there was anything of special interest in the area. The older woman informed me that there were a couple Snowy Owls spotted at that time. These pics were taken not too far from the tower.
  9. Caught this Red-tailed Hawk helping a squirrel cross the road. Winslow WMA.
  10. Folks, I am so grateful for the trip advice. The pictures are amazing! I will be taking lots of pictures. I hope the weather cooperates. We are staying in the Park for four days at the Denali Backcountry Lodge and then outside the Park at the Denali Cabins. Flying in/out of Fairbanks. Will have a rental car for spending a few day in Fairbanks. This is our second trip to Alaska. The first trip was a cruise we took with my parents in '09. Saw all the glaciers in Glacier Bay Nat Park, then stops in Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka and Victoria BC. We took side trips for whale watching, glacier hiking, float plane to Fjords Nat Park and a bicycle pub crawl. I highly recommend that cruise. Thanks again. I will post pictures upon returning.
  11. The wife and I are headed for two weeks in Denali/Fairbanks Alaska the first two weeks of September. It's not a hunting trip. We'll be hiking, fishing, drinking, eating and and taking lots of landscape/wildlife photography. Any recommendations or advise from those who have been there? Thanks.
  12. Got in at 5:00. Sitting, well concealed, in the briers at a pinch point between a small and a large soybean field. Heard them in the trees about 100 yards away. As light came up we called a little to let them know where we were. Got a gobble back each time. Not too long afterwards two toms came into the field. Took them twenty minutes and a little more calling to get them to come to the decoys. The last thirty yards they actually ran at the decoys. They checked them out for a few seconds and we could tell they did not like what they saw. That's when we both shot and dropped them in the field. Could not have scripted a better hunt. Nuthin' but fun. Turkey on left - 19+lbs, 1'spur, 10'beard Turkey on right - 21+lbs, 1.5'spur, 10'beard
  13. SJPTII

    Trail Cam Pics

    Some recent trail cam pics. Starting to see velvet nubs. And Tom the Turkey says Hello!
  14. SJPTII

    Trail Cam Pics

    41.9484° N, 87.6553° W
  15. Our big 7 is finally dropping his head gear. We let this guy and another big 8 go this year in hopes that they will stay in the area. We're pretty sure the big 8 has already dropped his antlers. They should both be great looking deer for the next season.
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