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  1. It’s amazing what they get for the guns still in the box as kit form, GLWS
  2. I have a complete 870 20 gauge for sale
  3. And inner thighs, they were rough stands
  4. Your best chance is online, since it’s illegal in our great state
  5. Agreed, I see lots of deer on that mountain, just have to work a little harder
  6. I have two Loggy, 150.00 and they yours
  7. Im always up there on the weekends,
  8. I think I’ve saw that at the gap, just below Poxono boat launch . Do you have pods on the back
  9. They are great boats, I would like to look at FCC model , the one with the CC up front just behind the deck
  10. Crestliner 1860 with yamaha 60/40 center console
  11. That box is probably worth more then what’s inside
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