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  1. Im always up there on the weekends,
  2. I think I’ve saw that at the gap, just below Poxono boat launch . Do you have pods on the back
  3. They are great boats, I would like to look at FCC model , the one with the CC up front just behind the deck
  4. Crestliner 1860 with yamaha 60/40 center console
  5. That box is probably worth more then what’s inside
  6. You can try posting here www. riversmallies.com
  7. Is the boat 60 or 70 inches wide
  8. jerseyjimk

    Slug gun

    I have one in the classifieds, all setup and ready to hunt
  9. No pinned barrel, didn’t need to.It had trigger work done by http://triggerwork.net
  10. willing to trade for another gun,no bows
  11. 2 inch at one hundred yards
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