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  1. They didn’t stock last year and this year the farmer didn’t plant crops. The weeds are 4-6 feet tall and they are not stocking this year. On the other hand , there are birds on the NJ side , PA birds
  2. They are doing road repair from Millbrook village to Flat brook
  3. Isn’t that area closed for bear, it’s considered a recreational area
  4. I have a hat you can have, its a ducks unlimited.Free. Never wore it
  5. I have an older Hunter model if your interested, cane seats and green, length?
  6. It’s amazing what they get for the guns still in the box as kit form, GLWS
  7. I have a complete 870 20 gauge for sale
  8. And inner thighs, they were rough stands
  9. Your best chance is online, since it’s illegal in our great state
  10. Agreed, I see lots of deer on that mountain, just have to work a little harder
  11. I have two Loggy, 150.00 and they yours
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