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  1. I have one, they are warm . Great price
  2. Up there today, walked a about 2 miles up river and back , not one squirrel . Road was closed
  3. Feds closed the road because there’s not enough employees to maintain the road during the winter
  4. Always mark your ramrod, regardless of what you have been told. If you don’t seat your bullet , it could become a obstruction and explode. Not a good situation.
  5. I bought my Renegade kit gun back in 1979, .54 caliber.Worked on that gun all summer. Still have it today along with a couple modern muzzleloader. No horns, but we had a blast that day chasing deer on the mountain. All the deer were taken with side locks, old picture , don’t remember the year
  6. Thank you and good luck this season
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