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  1. I know living and hunting in NJ we have our share of, lets say obstacles. But that being said, I can within 2 hours be able to hunt everything from squirrel to black bear, birds, waterfowl or run a trap line. I can fish some really great lakes, rivers and streams, and even though I don't enjoy it much, fish out on the ocean if I like. I know it's not perfect but, I've always been able to find a little quiet spot someplace so I guess it could be worse.
  2. Got out for the first time today...saw one squirrel and that was about it, but I wasn't at work on a Saturday for the first time in a while so I'll take it
  3. Hi Bucks.....yes to both ...as far as the fishing, just fresh water, I like lakes, rivers and streams and I just got my first fly rod this season so that's still a work in progress. As for hunting, for the last few years I have been using strictly bow
  4. This looks like a very nice site....I hope your all having a good summer, I'm looking forward to getting to know you folks and hopefully telling you all about my good luck on the water, and in the woods this fall...but I rarely have any so don't hold your breath
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