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  1. Looking for a higher end crossbow. please let me know
  2. Go with the First Light Furnace base layer, followed by sitka midi/fanatic. Good to go for single digits!
  3. anyone know of a place cheaper than 125?
  4. 100 grain on the slick tricks?
  5. Do not shoot a turkey choke with the shells you mentioned. I just found 2 boxes and sighted in with a Improved Cylinder and had the best pattern. Wish NICS wasn't down...really want to get the Rossi Tuff Turkey .410
  6. Where's the anti-division comments!? Great job by NJDFW stepping up and being fair, especially with this matter that is out of their hands
  7. Average price? Hey NonTypical if you read this message me please.
  8. 2016 Wolverine RSPEC 708cc, 700 miles, 42 hours, just serviced (oil change) Super ATV Doors Super ATV Flip up windshield spare tire and rack Rear windshield Light pods 2” lift 27” Blackwaters 2” wheel spacers Alba Racing ECU Winch Yamaha Utility box Koplin Bow/Gun Rack rock lights switch panel could possibly include bazooka 34” sound bar I’m sure I’m forgetting something $8,750.00 but I’m negotionable!
  9. Jim

    Smoked Deer Ham

    It’s an electric char broil smoker, received it for free when My parents bought a new recliner during a Memorial Day dale!
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