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  1. TK3333

    Hang ons F/S

    2 Ameristep steel hang ons. Very good condition. Used 1 season. $25 ea. 1 New, still in box Ameristep Aluminum hang on $40. Located in Atlantic County
  2. Ttt. Needed the recipe again, maybe someone else too. Thanks again.
  3. Leave no stone unturned If I cant fix it, it aint broke
  4. Left Hand QAD HDX HOYT rest f/s. Very good condition. $80, pick up in atlantic county.
  5. TK3333


    Kids got me a propane 18" Camp Chef Smoke Vault last year. For my first smoker, it works really well and is big enough for me. Pretty simple and inexpensive. Thing makes way more heat than needed. Gotta mess with the valve to get the temp just right but after a few times its not difficult. I am still learning so i dont put alot in it at a time makin the smaller one good for me. A more serious smoker probably would benefit more from a bigger electric model.
  6. TK3333

    ticks an chiggers

    I bought a bottle of the 10% Martins and mixed it accordingly but am still using what i have left of Sawyers. Next time out will be with the home brew.
  7. TK3333

    ticks an chiggers

    I took a screen shot of the formula
  8. Just curious what you sprayed with? Chigger X(if i remember correctly) will help with the itching. This time of year I wear the same clothes everytime I go in the woods. Camo jeans, long sleeve camo t-shirt and knee hi rubber boots (cheap uninsulated red heads), all tucked in and all treated with a good dose of sawyers that gets refreshed almost every time I go out. Sometimes I will also spray down with deep woods off if the mosquitoes are bad. Never had a tick or chigs with this system. After reading the threads about Martins permethrin, I just made a half gallon of that. Havent tried it yet but it is in the spray bottle for the next time.
  9. My first thought was black walnut too. Parents still have 2 big trees. Great for throwing at each other when we were kids. Used to leave a trail of them going down the river duck hunting. Boat be full of them. Thanks for the memory.
  10. I have a couple local farmers who have it for $6-7 per 50lb. One has an honest box for when he is not around. Super convient, back up to the barn door, load up & pay the box. Unfortunately, he told me someone likes to short him sometimes. A-holes like that will ruin it for everyone.
  11. Cant believe nobody mentioned Record Rack berry block avaiable at TSC. They last a while. I am going to look at Champions Choice for sure, thanks.
  12. The lock actuator in the hatch on my Tahoe went. No way to manually unlock it. Found a you tube showing how to remove enough trim panels to get my hand in and open the hatch. After that it was fairly easy to replace the actuator and put back together. Try the button to lock and unlock the hatch while standing close by and listen for the acutator working. Should sound about the same as the door locks. If dead silent it is most likeky the acutator. Dont know what a shop would charge but i bet its about $300. Good luck. O yea, whenever I take something apart that might be tricky to put back, i take lots pictures along the way so its easier to get things back right. Lable wires, screws and such with blue tape.
  13. Meetseakers on the compounds and Rage Hypo xbows on the Scorpyd
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