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  1. We used the sawmps back in the woods. Had one called hockey lane. Still remnants of an old home made net back there.
  2. A couple shops around here charge $50 to tune your bow if you bring it in fully set up. Basic timing of cams, rest, etc. They will tell you shootin bullets thru paper.
  3. Passer by could take head and backstrap from fresh roadkill before DOT picks it up. Then it looks like clean up crew did it. Dont think a poacher would keep dumping the same spot. Course...stupid is as stupid does.
  4. When I reloaded alot I used CCI mostly but never hesitated to Federal or W/W. Same for the muzzy, though I try to stick with what the propellant manufacturer recommends.
  5. I believe this is a F&S 15' Lookout. Never used or outta the box. I only opened it to take a pic because the label is gone from the box. $40 Located in Atlantic County.
  6. I put the 3rd han man straps on mine. Simplifes things a bit and you can ditch the tether. I also rigged a big game retractable haul line on. Love that thing.
  7. Really like the Danner's I got myself for Christmas. Gonna be my upland boot this year.
  8. How many guys say "never had a pic of him, he just showed up"! Good luck in Nov.
  9. Comfort and weight are high priority but ease of use ranks equally for me. My Viper ranks pretty high in these catagories. Use the 3rd hand man straps and it makes the Viper even easier to set up and pack up.
  10. People are trained to fear guns and police, so you get what we have here today. Which is the way he wants it, well he gets it. I dont like it any more than you do.
  11. Yogi been into picinic baskets.
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