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  1. Some really nice fish there. Congrats on a super day o the water.
  2. Good on you trying to give it back. Think I will take a sharpie and write my cell # on the inside of my boxes.
  3. I agree and they are. I saw another idiot from New Rochelle had a birthday party for her 90 yr. old mother in LBI. 2 people from that party died.
  4. Nope, no joke this one. Deleware is turning out of state shoppers away. I saw an interview of an idiot saying "it was a beautiful day so I figured I would take a road trip to shop in Deleware but they turned me away, I think its ridiculous". There was a bunch of them, all to save on sales tax. Really? Now you have a bunch of De. troopers possibly getting exposed dealing with these idiots instead of staying safe or tending to more necessary matters.
  5. TK3333

    Rip off

    Gotta watch those places. Last set of Bridgestone tires I bought at BJ's, $800 mounted balanced, with tire repair warranty and free rotation, rebalancing and disposal of old tires. Firestone store wanted $1200 for the same tires not including mounting, balancing, etc, etc.
  6. TK3333

    Current Motorcycles

    My 2000 VMAX
  7. TK3333

    COVID hit home

    Sorry for your loss. Hope the rest of you stay well.
  8. I got a pair of Danners for hunting this year and like them alot. I dont care for my Georgia work boots. The Danners fit better, more comfortable and waterproof. Brand new Georgia boots leak where the tongue is sewn to the lower. I used to get Cabelas boots and like them but since the merger, i feel their prices are higher and selection is worse. I found Danners website had better prices than BPS plus free shipping.
  9. I fisrt felt the effects 5 or 6 weeks ago when I started a rennovation job and couldnt get dust masks to wear to do the demo and insulation. Thankfully the senior clients have allowed me to continue the project which will be completed this week. No where to go next week as of now. Hope to line something up this weekend. Have a feeling things in the home improvement business are going to be bad for a while.
  10. I wont starve, lets put it that way.
  11. Yea, it doesnt have the results in the email any more. Have to sign in on the division website. 22e & 22d for me this year.
  12. Been checked countless times in NJ & once in Illonois. Never been cited. Caught a break from a Federal warden for forgetting to sign my duck stamp. Caught another one when i went duck hunting and left my license holder on the kitchen counter, I was all set up when I realized it and packed up immediately but got pulled over on the boat ride back to the ramp. The warden (who was know to lock up his own mother) said mail in a copy of your licenses and stamps to Winslow office on Monday or your getting tickets. While striper fishing the same warden called my father and myself over to the floating dock and asked for a ride out to another boat to spot check a couple guys we knew. He said he wanted them bad. We politely declined. He told us dont go over there and warn them or you'll get cited for obstruction. We headed right to the ramp where he was waiting for them. Story was they got written for big bass that a gill netter discarded. What a waste but the law is the law.
  13. Hats off to you sir and your 2 fine young men. They do grow up quick.
  14. I use Black Eagle Executioners tipped with Rage Hypodermic CB heads. Very accurate and effective.
  15. Yep, my brother and I will be taking Bella out first thing for pheasant. If I get done work early enough head back out for quail.
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