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  1. I knew you would get a kick out of that. Stripers, blues and Albies on fly are on the mind but a few mutants will pass the time…..
  2. Re stocked for the fall mutant stocking. Did well last year. Anyone else heading out?
  3. River conditions should be prime for the fall stocking in a few weeks with this higher water. Should fish well this fall.
  4. Still plenty of fish around where I have been fishing in 8 to 20 ft of water so I can’t see them being gone from out front. Buddy slammed them this morning off the beach. All Keeper sized fish. Too much bait around for them to leave just yet. Just my opinion.
  5. After some mechanical issues last weekend I was able to get back out on the water in short order thanks to Elizabeth Marine Service in Linden. Brought my lower unit to them last weekend and had two seals replaced in 2 days time. Excellent turn around time. Weather was outstanding today. Didn’t notice many boats on the water and still plenty of fluke left in the skinny water. We had 3 keeper fluke to 19, blues, and 15 plus bass to 10lbs along with a porgy in the mix. I even teased up a few fluke on the fly which was awesome. Nice day.
  6. You hit the nail on the head. Now like you said apply it to the pheasant stocking program. Unannounced sticking days and times. Same amount of birds. That always been my opinion for many years. The trout stocking was a success. Less crowds, fish were spread out, etc. rivers still had a ton of fish in them well into June.
  7. I have never fished for them but it seems like it’s really no different then every other fishery we have. They are all suffering from over fishing. New technology has produced higher catches etc. charters etc running trips day in and day out pounding the fishery. It can’t last forever unfortunately. Some charters think that rod and reel will never damage the fish stocks to a dangerous level but I disagree. It seems pretty cool a lot of these fish are in close now and can be accessed by guys with smaller boats but also opens the fishery up to more and more abuse.
  8. Nice catch? How was the water clarity with all this run off? Is it cleaning up at all yet?
  9. Nice trip! I’m down and out until my lower unit comes back from the shop. I was leaking gear oil. Hopefully The drive shaft seal under the water pump and nothing major. Fingers crossed…..
  10. Bump before it goes in the trash.
  11. Getting some basement water leaking through old windows in window well. It’s manageable but I’m not thrilled!
  12. Kept 1 right at 28 that took a hook to the gut and was bleeding. My favorite recipe…..Lemon Butter parmigiana striped bass with white wine and paprika.
  13. Old butchering book I have calls for a similar deal except boiling all the scraps. Nothing wasted. Dogs were in heaven….
  14. Nice catch! I have to try fishing for them someday. Never caught one.
  15. Plenty of fluke action along with a few bass to make it interesting. Pops had a good time. Too much bait out there so it was hard to tease one on to the fly except one nice fish that busted my fly right at the boat. Bunker pods for as far as the eye could see. Happy with my new casting platform for the stern. Gets me up a little higher to work the fly off the stern. Real happy with the yeti and sea dek pad on top.
  16. Saw that. I think it was an early 2000s tundra? Won’t fit.
  17. Came off my 2011. I believe these fit up until the new model came out. Attaching hardware included. Pickup in New Providence Union county.
  18. Semper fi. Sadly there will be a mass exodus from all branches with these morons running the show. Elections have consequences, this time in the form of American lives. sadly this national embarrassment is not over yet. Enough said.
  19. I’ve always been a fan of Leupold’s. I prefer the 2x7 for the northeast woods unless you will be hunting big fields.
  20. I have some epoxy jigs from them. Good stuff
  21. Caught this bass on a half and half. Fish have been feeding on bunker both adult and peanut. I agree with the bait situation. Most have been unmolested. Couldn’t tell what the blues were on but it was small.
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