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  1. Nice lawn and bucks! If you really want to see the deer in there, continue to fertilize and don’t get rid of the broadleafs.
  2. Those tail feathers make som great nymphs....you know...for the 85% of the time you can’t find them on top. 👍🏻
  3. I’m still angry about the fact that Simms charged me an extra 25% to put larger stocking foots on my waders as they only make them standard up to a certain size. I understand an uptick in price but not 25%.
  4. I don’t know if you use the same ad provider as archery talk but I am getting the same thing on their website that I and others were getting here yesterday. Assume it is an issue with the ad provider. Since you disabled the ads, I am no longer getting it here. Way to be proactive, Matt.
  5. Rusty, any idea as to why they shrunk the size of the planned timber harvest for this cut? Outside pressure?
  6. Merit seed in Ohio and welter seed in Iowa. Both have provided excellent food plots seeds at good prices. As far as mixes go, we’ve had the best success with a pure white clover mix of Alice, jumbo landino and kopu 2 clovers. When we plant “brassicas”, we plant a “lick creek” mix of dwarf Essex rape, purple top turnips and groundhog radishes. We also have used cereal grains and will be using them more in the future due to the ease with which they grow. Winter Rye and oats.
  7. MS22

    Prime Logic

    I have really enjoyed shooting prime bows ever since I shot their centroid. Currently have a prime rival LD. Will be looking at the logic ct5 and ct9. But can’t justify a new purchase at this point.
  8. That’s awesome! We too have had our fair share of bobcat encounters in warren and Sussex counties. We’ve found they’re definitely easier to call in than our local coyotes.
  9. There’s certainly not as many rabbits as there used to be around here. I assume that’s due to habitat loss and maturing forests. We run my buddy’s beagles on public land in north NJ and do ok getting a few rabbits each time out. It’s all about the dogs for me. Watching the hounds work and listening to their excitement level gradually ramp up until they hit a crescendo when they jump the rabbit is the best part. Then the chase is on with some of these bunnies being pros in eluding capture. Sometimes we get them, sometimes we don’t. Lots of fun.
  10. There were multiple failures at Rockport this year. The state did what they could to dig themselves out of a hole but obviously were unable to acquire enough pheasants to meet the advertised numbers.....relying on cheaper chukars to make ends meet. Hopefully next year will be brighter as the cost savings of buying pheasants from private farms should allow them to more than make up for it. I don’t have much faith in that though. They always seem to screw something up.
  11. MS22

    BBD 12/4

    Great deer. But is 38 is still open? (Zone 38) is open for deer hunting to properly licensed hunters as follows: • Permit Muzzleloader and Permit Shotgun Season (concurrent): Nov. 3 and 7–10, 2018. On Nov. 3 (Saturday), hunting is only for youths who possess a valid New Jersey Youth hunting license and a Zone 38 permit.
  12. Could be as innocent as walking the dog...which he should do where he is allowed. Then again it wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last time someone did a drive or trespassed pretending to walk/lose their dog.
  13. Good work. Love the sound of the screech owl in the background.
  14. I have both. The Lone wolf sticks are proven, rock solid sticks. With that said, I find the step to be a little small for my size 15 boots lol. The xop’s have a better design for larger feet with a longer/wider curved step. However, they’re not as rock solid (at least for a really big guy) or light as the lone wolfs....and have seen a couple instances where a particular piece that holds the step, cracks. They have seemed to fix this by adding another bolt. Lunatic, the xops lock together for carrying. Very cool innovation. But that spot seemed to have a quality issue as the twist lock snapped off mine in the dark while trying to put them back together one night. The twist lock is located behind the middle step and attaches to the step behind it. When they’re locked together, it’s rock solid and you don’t have to use clank them around to strap them together. Whichever sticks you get, I advise taping them up with stealth strips to silence them. The difference between silenced sticks and non-silenced sticks is amazing when you accidentally bang something together.
  15. If he knows you, why would he go around you and ask your parents? Why would he not even mention it to you? Even if he barely knew you but knew you hunted. I’d feel super uncomfortable asking without going through you first so weird.
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