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  1. MS22

    Trespasser Photo Zone 2

    Could be as innocent as walking the dog...which he should do where he is allowed. Then again it wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last time someone did a drive or trespassed pretending to walk/lose their dog.
  2. MS22

    Video - tonight's hunt

    Good work. Love the sound of the screech owl in the background.
  3. MS22

    Lone wolf sticks

    I have both. The Lone wolf sticks are proven, rock solid sticks. With that said, I find the step to be a little small for my size 15 boots lol. The xop’s have a better design for larger feet with a longer/wider curved step. However, they’re not as rock solid (at least for a really big guy) or light as the lone wolfs....and have seen a couple instances where a particular piece that holds the step, cracks. They have seemed to fix this by adding another bolt. Lunatic, the xops lock together for carrying. Very cool innovation. But that spot seemed to have a quality issue as the twist lock snapped off mine in the dark while trying to put them back together one night. The twist lock is located behind the middle step and attaches to the step behind it. When they’re locked together, it’s rock solid and you don’t have to use clank them around to strap them together. Whichever sticks you get, I advise taping them up with stealth strips to silence them. The difference between silenced sticks and non-silenced sticks is amazing when you accidentally bang something together.
  4. MS22

    was I an a-hole?

    If he knows you, why would he go around you and ask your parents? Why would he not even mention it to you? Even if he barely knew you but knew you hunted. I’d feel super uncomfortable asking without going through you first so weird.
  5. We’re going to be doing things a little different this year. Due to a complete lack of time and equipment, we’re going to be spraying, then broadcasting clover and rye. After that we’ll mow to lay thatch down over the seed. Hoping for decent germination with this throw and mow method. May drag lightly to create a little better seed/soil contact but clover and especially rye get pretty good germination if you get a little moisture. Plan is to come back late winter and frost seed more clover as i am ssing we’ll need it. Then cut back the rye when it gets above the clover in spring.
  6. MS22

    Great Trout opener

    Congrats on the trout! Great day with the boy. JH, great pic of the wood turtle...and endangered species here in NJ.
  7. MS22

    Disker ???? for food plots

    Totally agree with tcook. If you have a tractor to turn the earth, use that...weight is your friend. We’ve always found atv implements didn’t quite turn the soil the way we’d hoped. Would always have to strap concrete blocks onto the atv disk just to get it to cut in. Like tcook, we use our atv to do most everything else. Drag, spray, pack.
  8. MS22

    3 years later

    Excellent job! Is this your NJ property?
  9. MS22

    Trout Fishing

    Not only will you toss the spinning gear in the trash, but you’ll never want to fish NJ again. I know I have completely stopped fishing nj. I only fish NY and sometimes PA now. Wild fish make stocked trout seem like fighting a wet rag. And you don’t have nearly the same amount of fishing pressure. Most anglers up there also show a bit more respect to their fellow anglers.
  10. MS22

    Mother Nature-you're a real b----!

    You can get great quality bareroot trees on high quality rootstock from Cummins nursery or st. Lawrence nurseries in ny. There are others but these are the two I’ve had most experience with. Depending on variety and rootstock, you can have apples fairly quickly. Some varieties and rootstocks will bear fruit earlier than others.
  11. MS22

    Fisher Cat

    Very cool creatures. After seeing their tracks in the snow late one deer season in NY, we ran into that one the following spring when it tried to attack my turkey decoy. Lol NJ Fish and wildlife has gotten some footage of them recently from one of their research projects.
  12. MS22

    Spring chores in the woods

    You can also make your own mix of clovers. Just buy the clovers you want in the mix and mix them prior to spreading. We use a combination of Alice, jumbo landino, and kopu II...all white clovers with some doing better than others on different soils. If merit doesn’t have what u want, check out welter seed as well. As tcook mentioned, the buck on the bag mixes are laden with filler and expensive for what you’re actually getting.
  13. MS22

    SNOW is HERE

    8-10” on schooleys mountain and still coming down heavy. Had to go out and use a pole trimmer to shake off some of the heavy wet snow on blue spruces. With the wind, they were leaning bad. Thinks it’s only a matter of time before we lose power
  14. MS22

    Pack Boots

    Quick question...what is your planned usage? If you’re looking for something for deer stand sits in extreme cold weather, I would suggest a clunkier more heavily insulated pac boot. If you’re gonna be doing some sort of activity in the cold or looking for something for late fall/early winter deer hunting when it’s kinda chilly but not overly cold, then I’d suggest something like a schnees pac. I love my schnees pacs. They’re amazingly well crafted and extremely durable. However, their temp ratings are way off. They aren’t the best option for sitting on the colder days of our hunting seasons. I have had mine for about 4 years now. With a little tlc, they’re in amazing shape. A buddy of mine has had his schnees bison hunters for much longer and uses them a lot more than I use mine. He wears them to work and for a ton of other outdoor activities in the cooler weather. The only thing he’s had to have done is have the rubber bottoms replaced as the tread wore out. Basically now has a brand new pair of boots that will last him for years to come.
  15. As someone else said, let’s just hope that the division utilizes ALL of the money to buy and stock pheasants.....and don’t just buy what they’ve stocked in the past and use the excess money for something else. These should be dedicated funds. If this is truly a cheaper and more reliable option (which I believe it will be having spoken with a past worker at the farm), more birds should be stocked.