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  1. nice. i put a new Vortex on my .17HMR this week. looking forward to calling and trapping
  2. The Dryshod extreme black boots are the warmest i ever wore. They are built better than Muck. They are the engineers from Muck.
  3. They made this decision a few years ago. It just wasn't public. Most employees didn't know of this. As they were still attending the ATA and other big outdoor events. But this is real. They are getting out of sporting optics.
  4. i was going to say, where are the coon at. Iowa is coon central. nice trip
  5. Check out Dryshod boots. Engineers from Muck started it after Honeywell bought out Muck. Better boot than Muck. i have a few different pairs.
  6. Way to go. It's exciting isn't it?! Now to skin. Let the fat set up, then flesh. Then board it and hang it. I caught my first of the year last night also.
  7. did you have rain in z25 last night? i also hunt z25, didn't have any rain. That deer and tailgate look wet.
  8. Cover was just bought out by Feradyne. Give them a little time during the transition. I am sure big changes are happening.
  9. i can't do the liquid they give you. i go with the pills and dissolve the powder in hot broth. It sucks either way. But i will say, going, saved my life. at 40y old, stage 3 colorectal cancer. radiation, resection, temp ostomy, chemo for 6m, reversal of the ostomy. been clear for 4y now. i have my blood checked quarterly. Scanned annually. besides losing my 8y old daughter, it was the toughest thing i ever had to do. if you see any blood, go. any changes in the system, go. if i would have waited longer, i may not be here right now.
  10. game wardens know about the protest. i am hoping they show and give harassment tickets to those who follow the hunters onto the game lands. i have a youth rabbit hunt planned already for the morning. i would go to this just to enjoy the BS. i may still go after my hunt is over.
  11. fancy dressed sea gull that causes nothing but problems wherever they are.
  12. i shot a few different Powerbelts on many deer over the years. Very inconsistent performance on deer. Easy to load. Good on paper. i switched to 300gr Shockwave. just as good on paper. way better on deer.
  13. stay with it. location. you won't pull a coon very far off the trail. if you need to, scent trail to the DP.
  14. nice kill shot. now, work on getting the story. Get the prehunt interview, B roll, kill shot, recovery and post interview.
  15. ub1243

    Fish ID

    spiny box puffer not sure if you can eat those. some puffers contain poisons. northern blowfish are good eating.
  16. yes. i have killed deer because i use it. normally as an attention getter when i know i don't have a natural chance. i have turned them 180* and come right to me. it is seasonal for sure.
  17. when i was down there last year for a sika hunt, our guide said the area was hit bad with blue tongue. he only did sika hunts to pay for the leases for whitetails, for himself. takes off november to hunt whitetails. he was talking about giving it up, because most of his whitetails had died. i never did see a whitetail in the crop fields when down there.
  18. 4-5y then i start to have writing issues on them. just picked up a 5 pack or 8gb cards off Amazon. maybe $24
  19. ub1243

    Sika Deer

    https://www.woolfordstore.com/ this is the place we ate at every night. just a basic sandwich shop. bought licenses there.
  20. ub1243

    Sika Deer

    very different. i was down there in late December. still heard them bugling every morning and afternoon. very nocturnal. my buddy shot a hind. he saw them every hunt. i never saw them. heard them splashing and calling. never saw one. had to leave a day early. storm blowing in. everything was flooding. the area is 6" above sea level. everything floods. family cemeteries in the yards have the vaults above the ground. Water table is that high. strange to see blinds and feeders out in the middle of the salthay. but that is were they are.
  21. Sold. Thank you, and enjoy the bow.
  22. i have used their other minerals. Sustain or another. it is a summer time mineral. they like it. i just walked past a mineral site this morning. it is being hit. i normally use it with a Tractor Supply block. i fill the dimple with it and corn. they love it.
  23. i am on the border of salem/gloucester county.
  24. i hope it goes. trying to avoid shipping and paypal. holding out for NJ, hope for SJ
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