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  1. I was planning on using a rifle if a State Forest. I only recall seeing groundhogs with rifles on WMAs being an issue.
  2. I went out this morning. Nothing but hawks and crows. I plan on going tomorrow morning. I only do daytime calling. Foxpro, Mojo, scent and a Savage m16 .204 Ruger
  3. Savage model 16 stainless/synthetic i have three. .300wsm .270 .204
  4. I just bought ammo online two weeks ago. If you can find it, they will ship it.
  5. My NICS check took 5 business days. Started mid week last week. Got the call Tuesday.
  6. The do make the best cable. Less cast than others.
  7. i use 5/64 7x7 for the snare 3/32 7x7 for the extension
  8. I watched a little of the first edit. Not bad. Keep things fast paced. Tell us what you are doing, how and show results. Have to be quick about it. Too long of an intro and interview, and people will bail. You can see that on your page. You can see when the viewers bail on the video. Your editing will improve with time. Remember, what you are watching didn't happen in the order you are showing, what you are listening to, is not what you are watching. Not sure what program you are using, but more advanced programs will give you a lot of tools to use. Good luck. i will sub your
  9. Been a on and off member for years. When i feel they do little of us in NJ, i stop for a while. When i think they are headed in the right direction, i re-up. Same with my wife. That seems like a good price. But i wouldn't give them that money currently.
  10. Thanks for posting this Mike. Thank you for taking the time to watch it everyone. Bonefreak, great pictures. People have no idea how valuable pictures can turn out to be. Take plenty, save everything. i am fortunate to have good video of both my girls in the woods. My older daughter doesn't want to hunt, that is something the three of us did together. So i try and do a youth hunt every year. We did rabbits for years. This year i took a kid out for his first deer. His dad was in a bad accident and couldn't take him. Just yesterday i called in a go
  11. i have been using their trace block for many years. location is key. some places they love it, others, not so much. i have to get a few soon. They are pawning the ground where one was. also, put it on a stump if you have one. they will eat the wood also. and it keeps it up and dry
  12. There were a few nutes that were caught in the past. I think they came up the C+D canal and crossed the Delaware. I don't think they can handle our winters. They are established in maryland and south.
  13. i was asked to speak on trapping, at the Syracuse Outdoor Expo. i declined because of so many differences in the regulations. When i talk snares to those guys, they act like i am a poacher from Africa snaring animals. Start with coon. get some DPs and a cage or two. Learn to bait them. Get a dozen snares and learn to snare them. Basics, cable cutter, good pliers-dykes, beam, fleshing knife, tail stripper, tail zipper, boards, belly wedges and pins. Go catch a few and learn the whole process. Don't invest a ton yet.
  14. ub1243

    NJ Real ID Update

    i refuse to give the state any more money. I will just use a passport.
  15. nice. i put a new Vortex on my .17HMR this week. looking forward to calling and trapping
  16. The Dryshod extreme black boots are the warmest i ever wore. They are built better than Muck. They are the engineers from Muck.
  17. They made this decision a few years ago. It just wasn't public. Most employees didn't know of this. As they were still attending the ATA and other big outdoor events. But this is real. They are getting out of sporting optics.
  18. i was going to say, where are the coon at. Iowa is coon central. nice trip
  19. Check out Dryshod boots. Engineers from Muck started it after Honeywell bought out Muck. Better boot than Muck. i have a few different pairs.
  20. Way to go. It's exciting isn't it?! Now to skin. Let the fat set up, then flesh. Then board it and hang it. I caught my first of the year last night also.
  21. did you have rain in z25 last night? i also hunt z25, didn't have any rain. That deer and tailgate look wet.
  22. Cover was just bought out by Feradyne. Give them a little time during the transition. I am sure big changes are happening.
  23. i can't do the liquid they give you. i go with the pills and dissolve the powder in hot broth. It sucks either way. But i will say, going, saved my life. at 40y old, stage 3 colorectal cancer. radiation, resection, temp ostomy, chemo for 6m, reversal of the ostomy. been clear for 4y now. i have my blood checked quarterly. Scanned annually. besides losing my 8y old daughter, it was the toughest thing i ever had to do. if you see any blood, go. any changes in the system, go. if i would have waited longer, i may not be here right now.
  24. game wardens know about the protest. i am hoping they show and give harassment tickets to those who follow the hunters onto the game lands. i have a youth rabbit hunt planned already for the morning. i would go to this just to enjoy the BS. i may still go after my hunt is over.
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