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  1. County Hunter

    So I tried a new archery store

    I am a Simon Peter fan, too.
  2. County Hunter

    My Best Jersey Buck....pic

    outstanding! yup nothing like it, when it comes together, congrats!
  3. County Hunter

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    congrats! I am speechless. What is that event in January? the Jersey classic? entry right there baby!
  4. County Hunter

    Fouling the barrel?

    I believe you guys but find it odd that the fouling helps.
  5. County Hunter

    Crossbow Purchase?

    I agree, Wicked Ridge is a great brand. Right behind Wicked Ridge is Barnett. Barnett makes a great xbow at a great price. Nothing wrong with Barnett.
  6. County Hunter

    Rancocas zone 48

    Looks good. Hoping a deer comes your way. Great trad setup!
  7. County Hunter

    Spring Time Comparison Test

    good heads up! thanks
  8. County Hunter

    Leupold 3.5x10x50 back on sale!!!

    I opened it without hestitation because I was following his earlier post about the scope. Well, looks like I have to buy one of these now, too good of a deal to pass up.
  9. County Hunter

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    love it! congrats! what brand of slug?
  10. County Hunter

    rookie questions

    Best advice I can give you is check out United Bowhunters of NJ, UBNJ, they can answer your questions, maybe even get you access to private land. UBNJ has a website and a facebook page.
  11. County Hunter

    A couple of bucks from today

    Nice, real nice. congrats!
  12. County Hunter

    New spot- first cam pull

    good spot!
  13. County Hunter

    No Veggies Today

    looks good! How did you prepare that?
  14. County Hunter

    Stevo & the Black Squirrel Rug event

    I miss his posts, he was a reloading expert, he will never be forgotten.
  15. County Hunter

    Trail Cam pics - transition since December

    What a great set of pics. That is one hot spot.