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  1. Same here. Thrilled when I see a deer in the wild and more thrilling when a buck passes by.
  2. Wow! great history. Lou, I tip my cap to you, THANK YOU for all that you did.
  3. That is a great winter buck. congrats.
  4. incredible! what a great first day. something for both to be proud of. Many more!
  5. What a trip. Thanks 4 the post. I am going to have to check this out.
  6. I am with you guys, great turkey gun.
  7. County Hunter


    I would try Frank's Tack and Field in Wanague, or Davis Sport Shop on border of NJ and NY, near Rt 17.
  8. good post! I am going to have to check into that place
  9. good luck! hunting with the TC Black Diamond?
  10. Been a year already. Yes, miss him and his posts. He was the man for small caliber and reloading. RIP LRRP!
  11. nice, great find. Enjoy it
  12. Nothing wrong here, congrats!
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