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  1. County Hunter

    New spot- first cam pull

    good spot!
  2. County Hunter

    No Veggies Today

    looks good! How did you prepare that?
  3. County Hunter

    Stevo & the Black Squirrel Rug event

    I miss his posts, he was a reloading expert, he will never be forgotten.
  4. County Hunter

    Trail Cam pics - transition since December

    What a great set of pics. That is one hot spot.
  5. County Hunter

    Big news for December!

    this is great news! congratulations!
  6. County Hunter

    Strings and cables

    I go to Cheyenne, great service, not on the rug is right, go now, these shops are going to get very busy
  7. County Hunter

    Got scoped today!

    Geez. Bad one. What caliber did that?
  8. County Hunter

    Boys will be boys

    That boy right there took advantage of an opportunity! why not?
  9. County Hunter

    Broadheads and stuff for sale...all new good stuff

    Pm sent, I will take it
  10. County Hunter


    ^now that is funny
  11. County Hunter

    WTB Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks

    I have a set of Hawk Helium climbing sticks, $50, brand new in box.
  12. County Hunter

    Ended the season with Two gobblers

    What a great way to end the season. Congrats!
  13. County Hunter

    Andover Hunt and Fish

    Welcome. Same here, I stop in every so often and buy something.
  14. County Hunter

    Who is still turkey hunting?

    Congrats to all you turkey hunters! late season even better!
  15. County Hunter

    Thoughts on this mount?

    I guess he wants everyone to know he packed it out? I think the idea of it is cool, but it is not for me.