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  1. County Hunter

    No kill but a great sit for the final day

    Same here. Thrilled when I see a deer in the wild and more thrilling when a buck passes by.
  2. County Hunter

    Lou Martinez

    Wow! great history. Lou, I tip my cap to you, THANK YOU for all that you did.
  3. County Hunter

    Winter Buck

    That is a great winter buck. congrats.
  4. County Hunter

    CAPONE first BIRD!

    incredible! what a great first day. something for both to be proud of. Many more!
  5. County Hunter

    Week in St Barthélemy review

    What a trip. Thanks 4 the post. I am going to have to check this out.
  6. County Hunter

    Mossberg 835 Turkey Gun for sale

    I am with you guys, great turkey gun.
  7. County Hunter

    Hell of a day to have boat troubles...

    He had the day off and a master plan!
  8. County Hunter


    I would try Frank's Tack and Field in Wanague, or Davis Sport Shop on border of NJ and NY, near Rt 17.
  9. County Hunter

    Staff Sergeant R. Lee Ermey buried with honors

    Wow. RIP. Going to miss him.
  10. County Hunter

    Decoy values?

    good post! I am going to have to check into that place
  11. County Hunter

    Giant Bass caught by junior

  12. County Hunter

    1/14/19 Muzzleloader hunt

    good luck! hunting with the TC Black Diamond?
  13. County Hunter

    We Miss you Stevo

    Been a year already. Yes, miss him and his posts. He was the man for small caliber and reloading. RIP LRRP!
  14. County Hunter

    Got my Savage 220

    nice, great find. Enjoy it
  15. County Hunter

    Deer Down - 12/29

    Nothing wrong here, congrats!