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  1. I belong to a semi wild club in warren county that is looking to possibly add new members. We hunt to properties about 250 acres in total and we stock approx. 500 birds a season. The first year cost is 650 then 500 a year after that. we currently are at 19 members mostly birds hunters. We stock our own birds. If interested drop me a note Val
  2. Hello to all that read this thread and may it find you in well and in good spirits. We are a semi-wild club in warren county NJ(north west NJ) We have been around since 1958 and are currently looking for prospective new members. We are a full gun club hunting all seasons that are allowed under NJ law.As well as stocking 500 birds a year(pheasants until DEC chuckars in the new year) we have deer hunting and what ever else is in season at the correct time of year. If you are interested please send a pm or email to [email protected] expressing your interest. We currently hunt 2 properties one in Great Meadows and the other is Harmony Twp. Just a bunch of dedicated hunters looking to pass on the tradition and keep this club and its core values intact for another 50 plus years Thank you and God bless Valentino
  3. Hi mike igot your application to the club. Do you know anybody else that would want to join us for some good fun and quick birds?
  4. What a great day guys nice job!!! Keep up the new tradition!!! God bless you all
  5. here Zoe(lab) Gunner and Duke the last photo trouble adding multi pics to a thread i am new at this
  6. here is my crew they are the greatest bunch to hunt with the one pic is of Duke and Zoe(lab) the other is of Gunner
  7. thank you all for the warm welcome. I hope i can contribute on some level to this forum. and help a fellow hunter
  8. Hello all I am new here on an invite from MikeP I enjoy all outdoor activities but realy love bird hunting and deer hunting ihave three gun dogs and hunt flatbrook often when the pheasant season is here
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