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  1. billford


    down by milliville.
  2. not to hijack this one but is there any interest in going to say parvins down in south jersey?
  3. billford


    i have a guy looking to sell 2-300 square jawed vic 110s for $2 each . anybody interested in all or some ?
  4. when and where is this going to be ? my dad and i would be interested .
  5. hello , i am looking for someone who could make me a custom fishing rod . my # is (856) 701-7371 my name is bill . thank you .
  6. if youre asking if you should stay after less than a yr , it wont last. get out now so at least she has a chance of being happy.
  7. ron, I talked to garton, he said all the old sora pushers are dead . he did say brian camp, who owned big daddys family might still be pushing over on the muarice river.
  8. there used to be a few mudhen guides down around Dorchester. you could give stern a call he might be in touch with a few of the old pushers.theres a guy that lives across from the sora meadow whos dad was one of the 1st pushers for the club , i'll see if I can get in touch with him.
  9. I should know better but im going to copy nyc and go with Johnson Gordon and stewart.
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