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    I am a die hard bow hunter but will pick up my .35 Lever action Marlin for our annual Upstate New York and Connecticut rifle hunts. I do break out the slug gun for NJ shotgun and permit seasons but that more a tradition then anything, although I do enjoy a nice long still hunt in some fresh snow through the hemlock thickets deep in the Walpack. I also really enjoy trapping with my favorite critters to target being red/grey fox, coyote and a strange interest in trying to figure out those tricky little mink. Come spring time I spend most of my free time on big Flatbrook and its tributaries chasing trout with my fly rod and spin rod. The booming gobble breaking the silence of a cool spring morning will ALWAYS make my heart skip a beat and thoroughly enjoy NJ, NY and CT turkey seasons.

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  1. OneShot1Kill

    NJ hunters be like

    That's the beauty of hunting. To each his own, hunt how and what you want your way. That being said , for me, quality over quantity. I get a kick out of guys who brag to me they shot 11 deer etc. Hey whatever floats your boat. I could take a deer for every day of the season if I choose. You have to remember, each one of us is in there own stage in the hunting cycle, shooter, etc. So do your thing, be safe and good hunting to you gentlemen.
  2. OneShot1Kill

    SD card Viewer Recommendations

    SD card read , reads regular and micro SD cards has two small wires plugs into port on phone. 8 bucks.
  3. OneShot1Kill

    Live Streaming Trail Cam: Old Cell Phone

    Of course you can purchase a cam with a cell plan while this is a cool option the point of this is to cost you a few bucks if anything with an old cell phone laying in drawer. Kb- you know those 2 dollar lure holders you can by at Walmart in fishing section? I had a few of those laying around so I put weather stripping in there to keep cam flush with case, covered it with camo duct tape. Used a soldering iron to punch holes in it just big enough for both front and back cameras and melted a little piece of the puzzle plastic over each hole to make little awnings ha. I have this one set up on a stream crossing and use both front and rear cam. You can use a battery back with a port the size of your charger or run weather proof extension cord. One night I saw a fox pass through and used the microphone to mouse squeak , it was hysterical he was going nuts haha. I also have one on the front of house for when I'm at work, that one is hard wired. The wifi booster gives you about 6000 square feet depending on which one you get and is quite handy.
  4. OneShot1Kill

    New to Zone 3

    Use Google maps, and apps like Huntstand, scoutlook, onX maps. Use the terrain features and topos to look for natural breaks and ridges, benches , saddles etc. Like us deer in most cases use the path of least resitence, for us due to laziness, for deer to burn less calories. Look for natural food sources, apples, acorns or planted like corn and soybeans. Except for rut deer revolve around there stomachs. Back to what I said about laziness, the thickest nastiest most hard to reach places where others won't go often hold good deer. Other times simple places right under your nose are honey holes. Keep boots on the ground eyes open and absorb as much information as possible. Get comfortable with a climber, be mobile, bounce around as you find new ground. " Be careful of whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it". Good luck and most of all it's supposed to be fun. Most importantly, don't get hung up on big antler's, shoot what makes your heart skip a beat , at least until you get a few under your belt. Shoot me a message if you want a couple out of the way places in that area that you may want to try. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  5. OneShot1Kill

    Stealth walking

    I've always been able to get to a stand in super crunchy leaves on a cold fall day and seen deer within minutes by staggering my steps, not walking with a stride like a human and using a push button turkey call. Couple steps , Yelp Yelp, couple steps Yelp, use call to cover your steps as well. Give it a try. You'll be amazed.
  6. OneShot1Kill

    $28 Trail Cam

    I'm a gadget guy. For things that make sense I utilize technology to it's fullest. Check cameras wirelessly from a distance , utilize every single feature the cam does, video modes, time lapse etc, charge with solar , download firmware updates to keep software as new as possible etc etc. For the price point the tascos do much more then expected, for reliability Moultrie has never let me down. Now I LOVE reconyx Cam and all the features they come with , BUT I had a fairly new camera and lock box walk off a 245 acre private farm and almost threw up haha. After that I put a limit on $ spent to strap it to a tree, say a little prayer and walk out, sad, yes, but a realty because some people just suck. That being said the best part about hunting is it's a solo sort for the most part. Use the gear, tactics etc that works for you. Laslty I am currently testing out a Mico gps that's not meant to be in the camera housing and is linked to an app I have. All the testing I did before it went in the woods worked great. Camera is on state land, IF someone Jack's it I should be able to drive to the front door of whoever stole it and get it back which will be sweet sweet glory 😆😆😆😆😆 stay tuned.
  7. OneShot1Kill

    $28 Trail Cam

    Vdep. More power too ya! Everything I have minus some of these are moultries, most of which I've had for several years. I've tried a bunch of wild games and non of them lasted more then a few months without issues , one I checked once, never turned on again haha. Fool me once...
  8. OneShot1Kill

    $28 Trail Cam

    Regardless of price, there 10 times more reliable then a wildgame ha. And pics are clear. I went to Walmart for a roll of paper towels and ended up with 4 more 😁
  9. OneShot1Kill

    Pics of deer

    Up by Seneca lake there is a herd of about 300 animals. Pure albinos. Some great bucks too. Pretty cool. Bad ju ju to I'll though haha.
  10. OneShot1Kill

    $28 Trail Cam

    You can get them and similar ones on Alibaba for down to 4 bucks each. Some you need to buy multiple but last year I bought 6 cams for 31 bucks. 1 crapped out after bow season all the rest still work. Not amazing quality but 8 mp and work great. I use them for my scrape lines.
  11. OneShot1Kill

    $28 Trail Cam

    Walmart in Newton has $28 trail came. I believe they are tascos. I have had one I got 3 years ago, runs flawlessly still. Also 8 pack of AA batteries WITH a 32g sd card. 12 bucks. Both great deals. Sad way to think but if a 28 dollar camera walks it doesn't hurt as much as a $200 cam. That is all.
  12. OneShot1Kill

    time to learn how to trap

    Def go to the space farms auction, check out Snare one, I believe he's a sponsor here or at least advertises. Trapping is a full-time job. Set traps and by law ( ethically speaking as well) you must return the check then within 24 hours. Set a line, no matter what your situation is you must return the next day, can't just say you don't feel like and scrap it for the day. That being said it's incredibly rewarding and will make you a more well rounded outdoorsman with a much better attention to detail. Setting a Snare has a TINY margin for error, hang a tree stand and depending on weapon you have up to a 100 yard circle you need to cover, hang a Snare and you need the critter to stick his head directly inside that 8 inch etc loop. You will be humbled, you'll learn a lot And every morning when you have traps out is like Christmas. Remember, snow betrays all that walks. Good luck.
  13. OneShot1Kill

    Feeding Deer Could be a Death Sentance

    To each his own. Everyone has the freedom to hunt they way he or she chooses. That being said I see a LOT of pics of a ladder stand, 100 poounds of corn in a pile or under a feeder. Personally , the areas I hunt, this would produce does and small bucks, a 4.5 yr old isn't going to come walking into a golden mountain at 445 pm. I use supplements and minerals for inventory purposes in summer. In season if you know how to read a map or basic knowledge of deer you can put your cameras in proper spots to survey the scene. Again, my humble opinion. Give me pinch points, terrain features and natural walking deer please.
  14. OneShot1Kill

    Hunter Safety Systems

    In my opinion it's ten times better then the vest. Nothing wrong with vest wore it years, but wanted something more low profile. Seat belt type clips for legs and chest, quick easy and light. Highly recommend. I also have a similar one by spider which I like a lot as well. That one clips inside my scent blocker suit. Both hsrnsses you don't know your wearing and like a lot.
  15. OneShot1Kill

    Hunter Safety Systems

    I ordered this one to get less bulk from my other hss with vest. It came with a Large one.