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  1. Selling my Cva Apex muzzleloader in 50 cal. Also comes with additional 270 Win barrel. No optics. Asking 425$. PM with questions. Located in Sussex county.
  2. I thought it might of been that so I took a drive until I had full signal. The camera connected then. Not what I’m looking for.
  3. Bought one of the Micro links today. Returned it 3 hrs later. Could not get it to connect to Att network at my house. My phone gets 3 bars LTE and camera would not connect. Oh well.
  4. gaberdeen

    R.I.P. Elli

    So sorry. Hardest thing to say goodbye. RIP Ellie
  5. Just got a shipment from Deer Creek Seed. Free shipping on orders over 100$ and very prompt service. We’ll have to wait to see the results.
  6. gaberdeen

    Mom Passed

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers for your family.
  7. Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  8. I came in from the Millbrook side today. Old mine closed from just past Millbrook Village. Road going over Mountain down to Flatbrook was still open, however road going up to Crater lake and Blue Mountain lake was closed.
  9. Heal up quick! I dropped a machete across my palm trimming a trail last fall. 2 inch cut across my hand. Long walk out of the woods leaving a practice blood trail. Shit happens quick. BTW I just bought a chainsaw a few days ago. Ready for some bigger danger!
  10. Thanks. It’s definitely uncharted territory. Affecting the young as well as old. They were doing cpr on a 40ish year old male as I left this morning. Yet I took care of an 87 yr old female who was recovering and doing well. I have the next 2 days off and am going to relax.
  11. As a RN on the frontline I can tell you that we opened an auxiliary ICU in our post anesthesia recovery room. Our regular icu is filled to the brim with covid vented pt’s. This is a small hospital I can only imagine what the larger hospitals are facing.
  12. This was my attire for the last 3 nights. Sweating in the plastic gowns and wearing a mask for 12 hrs straight will make you question your sanity. Still I am thankful we have protective gear yet. Hospital is filling up quick with CoVid 19 pts.
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