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  1. Out in zone 4 for for the last day of this zone. Wanted to sit this morning but when I got up it was raining and Indidnt feel like dealing with it.
  2. Learned a lesson yesterday. I was up in zone 4 and had a nice size doe at 40 yards. Put the crosshairs on her and pulled the trigger. Click, no bang. Reset the hammer, click no bang. She took off. On further exam when I got home my powder ( Blackhorn 209) was very moist. I had saved the charge from last time I was out and it must have got moisture down the barrel. Lesson learned I will always start with a fresh charge now.
  3. Standing rib roast for us. Yorkshire pudding, asparagus and some other vegetable.
  4. Out in Zone 4 for the afternoon. Tracks everywhere in the snow. Hiked in past all the other human prints. Hopefully something shows.
  5. Out in zone 4 for the last hr. Very still. Didn’t see any other vehicles parked. I’m on a small hill overlooking a Mt laurel thicket.
  6. Up in zone 4 now. Hopefully a deer will show and I’ll be good for meat for the year. If not I’ll be out Saturday afternoon after a promised pheasant hunt with the daughter in the morning. Last year opener muzzy in zone 4 was a blast in the snow. Saw a ton of deer.
  7. In zone 4 in my small ass ground blind. We’ll see how long I can hold out. Didn’t see 1 other light coming in this morning..
  8. Decided not to hang a lock on up in zone 4 with the weather that’s forecasted. Instead will hunt out of a cheap rhino 50 pop up blind. It’s a bit claustrophobic but if some lowlife steals it I’m only out 40$.
  9. I cut the finger off of a latex glove and stretch over the muzzle. The first day of muzzy has been bad weather for the last couple of seasons. Keeps the crowds down at least. Usually do well. This year I’ll have my lock on hung but will also have my small pop up ground blind with me for later in the day.
  10. Just bought some at Simon Peters on 206 in Andover.
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