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  1. I will do an afternoon sit out in zone 8. To hard to get motivated to crawl out of bed in the morning.
  2. Wicked cool looking rack. Good luck!
  3. Kinda late getting started this year. Set a camera out last week and took a hike in today to check. Needless to say I hope to see one of these boys during the season. Public land so the blackie is safe.
  4. Mission Sub-1 crossbow. Just getting back into archery as 3 discs herniated in the neck have kept me from pulling the compound back( that and getting to be an old fart and not as strong anymore). Looking at shooting Slick trick mechanical broadheads.
  5. We call it milk of amnesia at the hospital.
  6. I’ve had 2 already. The sure prep is much better than the gallon of golytely that you used to have to drink. The colo-guard test I’d good but if you have an abnormal result you will need a colonoscopy. Don’t put it off if your 50 or older or if you have a family he of colon cancer. Ending up with a colostomy is no fun at all.
  7. Don’t have any pictures of mine but I believe my first year was 1981. I became involved with hunter Ed teaching the archery course at Whittingham for many years with Joe Guilmet and his son Jeff. Who knows I may have even given some you guys your course.
  8. Shoot a few deer with my new crossbow. Have a great time with friends and our dogs on our yearly Maine grouse hunting trip in October.
  9. Update. Thanks for everyone’s replies. See my original post for what I ended up with. Good hunting this fall to everyone!
  10. Due to a few herniated discs in my neck and getting to be an old fart I haven’t been able to draw my compound back very easily anymore. Didn’t matter too much as the past few years I haven’t had much time to bowhunt with my daughter in highschool. Now that she’ll be off to college I should have plenty of time to sit in a tree. Therefore I decided to look for a crossbow to hunt with. My budget is about 1000 to 1200. What experience and recommendations has everyone got. Thanks in advance. Thank you everyone for your replies. I ended up buying a Mission Sub-1. Got last years model. Really was impressed with how quiet it was and how easy to cock and decock the string. Rated at 350 FPS, maybe not the fastest on the market but plenty good enough for me. I also like that Matthews is the company making them. I haven’t looked forward to archery season in many years. I am now!
  11. gaberdeen

    Local corn??

    Tranquility farms has their own corn and it is very good.
  12. Just purchased the second set of BF Goodrich’s AT KO 2’s for my Ram 1500. My first set lasted 85,000 miles and still have a bit of tread left. Love these tires. 1020$ mounted and balanced at Oxford tire.
  13. Hackettstown livestock auction on Tuesdays. You have to join the Co-op to bid but I find it worth it. Usually Incan pick birds up for about 5$ a bird.
  14. Old mine road just north of Worthington.
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