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  1. So sorry. I’ve been down the same path. It’s never easy. Godspeed Coda.
  2. So sorry for your loss.
  3. Good luck everyone. Headed out the door now for zone 4. Got the tree umbrella ready to go. Be safe climbing in the wet!
  4. My daughter on youth day a few years ago. One from a sunny NH day grouse hunting with some of my best friends.
  5. gaberdeen

    More Rain !!!

    Dug my tree umbrella out. Gonna give it a go Monday rain or shine.
  6. After reading your post I decided to take a drive up to flatbrook. Glad I did. Lots of birds and not crowded at all. I was done in 1/2 hr.
  7. Found a garmin track and train collar out scouting in zone 4 today. Pm me with description and I will return it to you.
  8. CVA Apex with 90 grains blackhorn 209. 2 inch groups at 150 yards. Plus you can add rifle barrels for it. I have a 270 for mine.
  9. Good luck. I’m heading up to Grand Lake stream Thursday to do some grouse and woodcock hunting.
  10. 3rd week of October to Maine for 2 weeks chasing grouse and woodcock. Last week of Landlocked salmon fishing on the river also.
  11. Congrats. Don’t miss the days of nursing school. Been doing it for 22 years now.
  12. Dam Jack you and your friend were dialed in at the right spot in the hole. I had one bite all morning just 30 yards if that upstream from you. That’s my friend Polecat standing in the picture behind you.
  13. Rest In Peace Stevo.
  14. Maine trip in Oct with the dogs grouse hunting. Then there’s always the remote chance of drawing a Maine moose tag. Trips on weekends to NY to chase grouse also. Hope to get up steelhead fishing the end of March.
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