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  1. Thanks guys. Myn8 yr old Braque has turned into a good grouse and Woodcock dog. We enjoy going to Maine and NY every year. Braques are an old breed coming from France where they are very popular. Great house dogs also!
  2. Picked up this precious little pup from Brielle Kennels in Michigan last week. She is a half sister to Lucy, my 2 yr old Braque who I sadly lost to an illness in October. The breeder Seth was unbelievably good to me putting me at first pick when he learned about Lucy. I have nothing but great things to say about him. I am looking forward to training and seeing how far I can take her. I’ve joined a Navhda group and will start with them in the spring. My 8 yr old Braque is adjusting to having a little puppy bugging him again. He joined in whining with her the first night when she was in the crate!
  3. Have fun everyone. If I wasn’t leaving for Michigan at 4am to pick up a new pup I would have joined you this year.
  4. gaberdeen

    RIP Buckshot

    Rip Buckshot. They take a piece of us when they leave.
  5. Old mine road from 206 is closed
  6. Zone 8 in Allamuchy was dead as a door nail. Didn’t hear one shot other than duck hunters who sounded like they were having a good morning. Gonna head up to zone 4 for the afternoon.
  7. Just came through the Water Gap. Rt 80 west is a mess. Multiple car pile ups. 2 overturned semi’s. Icing up real good. Morning will be a game time decision.
  8. Nice thing about being able to print out a permit is that if I can’t make it up to zone 4 Monday morning I’ll just buy and print a zone 8 and hunt out my back door.
  9. I’ll be out both days up in the federal lands. Might forgo climbing into a tree and sitting on the ground though. Also might have to leave 3 hrs early to get there on time.
  10. CVA Apex with 24o grain Barnes copper hollow points. Shooting 100 grains BH. Leupold s scope. My favorite season as well.
  11. Won’t get out till Monday afternoon at earliest. Pulled one of my stands from public land before it goes missing even though it’s locked. Gotta find some new area. Haven’t seen a deer in last 6 sits.
  12. Just had a 5 point sneak in behind me. With all the road noise from rt 80 I never heard him. Have a small bear by me now.
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