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  1. Ken and American Tire are the best in the business
  2. Don't go nuts on the barn they don't need anything too special. They will decide where they want to roost and lay and in my experience it's usually not where you planned them to. Most of the breeds you get from TSC are cold hearty and you will not need heat. My Rhode Island reds, Wyandottes, Black stars, and Barred rocks stay out in the goat shed (not enclosed) all winter with no issue. You only need heat when they are chicks and there are guidelines on reducing the heat every week as they get older I just can't remember them right now. This time of the year its really not critical. With regard to free ranging during the day, I have tried it several times over the years but once the predators find them they will hit your flock like a buffet and 6 birds won't last long! I have lost too many birds trying to free range and now keep them in a high fenced run with the goats. Wherever you keep the feed for them do your best to make that area as rat proof as possible. Once a rat finds a food source and moves in and starts reproducing it's almost impossible to get rid of them and they'll be stealing your feed and eggs. Good luck
  3. Rest in peace. Condolences to his family
  4. Some hens are more broody then others... you can break them. Just google it
  5. I'm in Readington. If you don't mind picking them up I can give you a few as long as you promise to not bring the chicks back to me... I have enough to look after!
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