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  1. cappy

    Good day fishing

    Is that the FB? Was thinking of going to the no-kill stretch tomorrow, having second thoughts. Maybe range instead.
  2. cappy

    Two flys and 30+ trout

    You had a great day! Just got back from a stream myself; did well on a squirmy figured it would after the rain stopped. All fish released to fight another day.
  3. Didn't I ask not to make jokes ?

  4. cappy

    Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    LOL...no funky colors. Tan and olive, gotta keep it a little on the up-and-up.
  5. cappy

    Fly Fishing Advice -Help

    I'll use a mop fly when fishing new water sometimes just to see if anything is there, then switch to a more traditional fly. They do work, it imitates a big fat grub extremely well, probably why they work so well.
  6. cappy

    So, let's talk grills

    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin
  7. cappy

    What do you use?

    If you and your daughters catch and release go with the heavier line, typically 6lb.
  8. cappy

    Barbless hooks at Flatbrook and KLG

    Yes. It's clear that as written, there is a distinction between lures and flies. Doesn't matter if you are spin or fly fishing, the reg doesn't reference the type of reel or rod. I've seen people with spin gear casting flies with an indicator. I've also seen fly anglers using plugs with treble hooks.
  9. cappy

    Barbless hooks at Flatbrook and KLG

    The Digest is what is published for the folks to live by; therefore right or wrong it is the regulations. I have no issues pinching barbs. I always pinch barbs except for tiny midges; I’m strictly C&R when it comes to Trout. My issue if our government is making a regulation, then getting the wording wrong. This regulation (intent) is good, some are not. I’m not struggling either, they got it wrong when they put ink to paper.
  10. cappy

    Barbless hooks at Flatbrook and KLG

    With all due respect to Lisa; the way it's written is wrong if that is their intent, and that comment is clearly her opinion. She either needs to rewrite it, or add a definitions section. The way it's currently written, there is a clear legal difference between a fly and a lure in the context of the regulation.
  11. cappy

    Barbless hooks at Flatbrook and KLG

    Agree a fly can be considered a type of lure. That being said the way the regulation is written they are not, and it's all in how something is worded. The only place a fly is referenced is to state only lures and flies can be used in the C&R tracts. Now if it stated lures and flies used when trout fishing I would agree; easily contested and won.
  12. cappy

    Barbless hooks at Flatbrook and KLG

    I understand it as written to apply solely to "lures" not flies. It does not state lures and flies. It does state that only lures and flies can be used in the C&R areas. To me the use of "and" means they are not the same. So is a lure a fly, or a fly a lure. "Lures used when trout fishing in the state’s two designated Catch and Release Only areas may have no more than three hook points, all of which must be barbless".
  13. cappy

    Trout Fishing

    Fly fishing NJ, NY and maybe PA this year. All fish caught released.
  14. cappy

    help choosing new firearm

    Looks like the last thing you need is a new firearm. If it were me I would stock-up on ammo.
  15. cappy

    Time for shad

    Over time I found a hot pink dart or flutter spoon is all I need. Plain polished flutter silver spoons work great as do polished silver Kastmaster lures. If the shad are there they will bite. I use Testors enamel paint brushed on, touch ups are quick after a day of fishing, if needed. I don't bother wrapping a tail on the darts anymore, in it's place I carry colored yarn and simply tie on an inch or two tail as needed. I find I catch them without a tail, just as well as with when the bite is hot. If I had to choose one lure type I would go with a spoon.