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  1. I have actually only had positive experiences with non hunters in the woods. Always friendly. They wish me luck or ask if I’ve seen anything. It’s more that they are just really loud and possibly scaring any animal away in the area.
  2. Thank you everyone. I knew about no Sunday hunting. I’ll double check the digest. Called the park and they didn’t really know much. They said they go off of normal state hunting regulations. I’ve been scouting around one of them and threw up some cameras by some rubs. Going to see what’s what this afternoon. I have definitely noticed more non hunters in the state park than my usual wmas. And signs that have hunting permitted on them have been damaged by what I assume are non hunters.
  3. Are there any special rules or regulations regarding hunting in state parks? Trying to scout a few new places since my normal areas dried up.
  4. Have scouted around wildcat ridge WMA and while I haven't seen much buck sign, I have seen these signs around. I am assuming they are old since it is a wma and I was very clearly within the borders on OnX. Anybody have any information on this. IMG_9071.HEIC
  5. Nice buck Andy. Looking forward to hearing the story.
  6. Whole deer was gone this morning. Quick work by the town I guess.
  7. Saw this guy on the side of the road by the Brundage area of Randolph on sussex tpk. Didn’t see an arrow wound so not sure if he got away or just nailed by a car. Don’t see to many bucks like this as road kill. Usually just spikes. Shame, would have been a great buck in another year or so.
  8. I’ve been hunting for almost exactly one year. I have learned a lot in that time and clearly have some serious luck.
  9. Im sorry if I have missed this on the site but is there a list of recommended taxidermists? Or does anyone have any recommendations in the north jersey/morris county area?
  10. Got my first deer last night. Big body 9 point buck. I’ve seen him on my camera a few times and he just happen to stroll in 20 yards from my tree stand just after 6pm. Looked at me a few times but I was able to stay still enough to only move when he looked down or away. I had this staring contest with him a few times. Drew back for what seems like 10 minutes but was probably closer to 45 seconds. Waited for him to turn broadside and put his head down. Release felt perfect. I thought the shot was perfect. Gave it some time before looking for arrow and blood trail. After not being able to find the arrow or blood trail I was worried I completely missed and the arrow either buried itself in the ground or Bounced off into oblivion. A hunter friend that lives nearby was able to help me find it 2 hours later about 75 yards from where I hit it. Very thankful we found it before the coyotes did. The shot was more forward than I thought it was and the arrow broke off inside and snapped off. I pray it died quick. I know I shouldn’t expect a deer like this every time and will probably not get this lucky for years to come. Still replaying the experience over and over in my head. Absolutely amazing experience.
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