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  1. Fantastic bucks! Great to see you are pursuing and realising your dream.
  2. So we went this afternoon. Did not get into any pheasants but met a great guy (Jim!) and his dog (Kylie) who was kind enough to show us around and let us hunt with him. It was a pleasure to see the well-trained dog work the area and now we know the lay of the land for next time.
  3. I think he will make it. I’ve seen deer survive on three legs
  4. I use 10x42 or 10x50, but for NJ deer hunting only you might want to compare with 8x42
  5. Took my son to the youth day a few weeks ago and he enjoyed it a lot so I promised we would try again on our own. I understand things can get pretty crazy on the weekends so would like to avoid the worst crowds if possible. Wednesday he has a half day in school so I was looking to try the PM. If I read the schedule right they stock it on Monday evening, I imagine there will still be some birds around after a couple of days or no? Also, is it only worthwhile hunting the fields or the surrounding woods too? Any advice appreciated, total newbie at this and would like my kid to have a good time and at least a chance at a bird. thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, those are fallow. Very cool antlers on a mature buck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. just got this, looks like they got another, bigger one. Not a bad day.
  8. no, but there are others who do. PM me if you are serious and I will do some research.
  9. I've grown up with them, a shorthaired one carries a special place in my heart. She was crazy fearless and while she was an accomplished deer hound, her passion in life was fighting with badgers underground. So many times we had to take her to the vet to get her stitched up, but she always seemed to think it was worth it...
  10. OK, so not New Jersey, but my dad just sent me this pic. His dachshund made another recovery back home in Sweden.
  11. Nice buck! Big congrats to the young hunter!
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