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  1. Thanks for the tips guys! Going to try and mix it into the soil the best I can and put new soil on top.
  2. I will definitely take a look. Hoping the soil is decent because the surrounding areas in the yard have a good worm population. Do you think just tilling it would work, or would a good solid layer of top soil on top work as well?
  3. Hey guys, hope everyone's doing well. Have a question for the guys who have a bit more landscaping/grass growing experience than I. I moved into a new home (to me) this past fall and a good portion of the backyard is covered in old mulch. I would like to plant grass in this area, but am unsure if putting top soil over the mulch and then planting would turn out well. Unfortunately, the other alternative would be to remove the old mulch (which is quite a bit), and I would have to dispose of it somewhere since I have nowhere else in my yard to put it. I would prefer option 1, but don't want to waste time and energy if that would not turn out well. This is a DIY job so any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Have a ruger that's nice. Got it for around $100
  5. I got one of ebay for about $80 for my 1500 and have had no issues with it. PM me if you want any other details.
  6. Big advocate of the lone wold sit and climbs. Pack great and are super easy to use. I actually have an XOP one and my buddy runs a lone wolf.
  7. Any idea what you might be looking to sell for? Again, I'm on a bit of a budget, but my buddy is also looking for one too and is a bit more open price wise. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, just reaching out to see if anyone knows where some used 20 gauge side by sides might be available. Pretty much called every store in northern NJ area and so far no one has any. On a budget, which is why I prefer used, but any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Thats why its public hunting...
  10. Unfortunately, we got skunked. That's alright though, it was a nice day and we started to learn the lake and started marking areas with fish as the day progressed. Next time we can put a game plan together. Although, the one odd thing we noticed was that we didn't mark a ton of bait, some here and there, but not a ton.
  11. Thanks for the insight guys! Will keep you posted how it turns out. Should be on the water first thing Sunday.
  12. Hey guys, hope everyone's summer is going well. Haven't posted in some time, but am actively on the site daily. Anyways, me and my buddies are typically bass fisherman, but bought a downrigger and got our first taste of lake trout fishing up in the Finger Lakes this past May. Haven't had any time to get back out fishing so far this year since buying a new house, but was thinking of trying Round Valley this Sunday for some Lakers. Not looking for any secrets or spots, but just wanted to see how the bite has been overall this time of year, etc. since I don't really have any experience. Thanks!
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