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  1. that's a great point. I am surprised how many manufacturers claim "X" FPS and the bow actually shoots 5-15% slower. Sounds like a standards and lack of regulatory oversight issue.
  2. Man... this is great! thanks for posting, I saw the first one (Bas solo), I didn't know he had made one with GSP. I'm not looking to get into any physical altercation but this is good to know.
  3. Hey Cripple Shot, Glad you are ok, please keep us updated on your customer service experience with Centerpoint. I bought a crossbow from them recently, selling point was a few posts I read regarding their customer service experience.
  4. I hear you. I am also hunting deep in the woods, I am leaning towards getting one
  5. Holy cow that's a nice buck! Congratulations
  6. I'm on the fence on buying a bear spray myself, from what I've been told and seen on youtube videos, the black bears in NJ tend to be very docile as long as you understand their behavior. Don't instagram them or corner them, stand your ground while field dressing, and they will leave you alone for the most part. do you fellas agree? I've walked within 30 yards of black bears while hiking but never while hunting.
  7. 20ga accutip available at Midwayusa - https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1002089534?pid=172375 limit 2 boxes, $22.99 per box
  8. .22lr is definitely a fun round, precovid I used to buy a brick or 2 monthly. I can't hardly wait to get my hands on the new .22lr ammo "Punch" from Federal, lots of positive feedback online. Unfortunately like CCI, they don't ship Rimfire directly to NJ.
  9. That is one powerful read. Godbless you Will.
  10. Good luck everyone and be safe! My baby is not feeling well so I am gonna sit this one out.
  11. Firearms registration is a far more complicated and multi layered process than registering your vehicle. Registration is a process and it costs money. So now we are paying a registration fee. Can't possibly be a one time fee, they want to keep track of what you own, so there goes another yearly renewal fee. What happens to a private FFL transfer? you buy a gun from someone else, now I am paying double registration fees? what happens if I want to build my own rifle? how can there be a matching registration number on every major component? will there be additional control on purchasing uppers/lowers/barrels/FCG, etc? so now I can't build or upgrade a rifle? what happens to previously built rifles? What is the penalty if I accidentally missed to renewal one serialized component? is that a strike on me owning firearms? am I at risk now of losing my FID? some nutjob shoots a 9mm in the air a few blocks from my house ... will someone knock on my door? "hi sir... there are reports of shots fired in this neighborhood and we see here in the registration database you own firearms, can we check them?" these are just basic examples. Not even scratching the surface. Historically, Registration is a means to confiscation. its just that simple. It is the first step of many steps. It will not stop gun violence. It will not stop crazy people.
  12. man this just ruined my morning. The audacity and hypocrisy of this presidency, to leave millions of dollars worth of state of the art weapons to the Taliban, yet continue pursuing aggressive anti 2A legislation on American citizens... I just can't believe it.
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