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  1. Hell yea man. She had made the all star team and it was 3 hour practices every day
  2. Awesome trip! Congrats!
  3. My daughter and I hit the Point side of the Manasquan Inlet this past Thursday and Friday. We did pretty good. Caught a bunch of shorts and on the very last cast yesterday we landed a beautiful 20 inch keeper. Felt good to get back out. This was our first trip in a month as my daughter's softball schedule was insane. Click on the link for video of the first days trip.
  4. Exactly! Great way to get kids on some fish
  5. Haha, yes! And thanks man, appreciate it!!
  6. Thanks so much!! We appreciate it!
  7. Hey guys! Earlier this week, I posted pics of my daughter and I from our Sea Bass trip. Here's a video of that trip. We hope you enjoy. So proud of my daughter, she did so good out there.
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