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  1. Cut down several trees in Budd Lake and was wondering if anyone has or knows someone that has a portable sawmill and would be willing to cut some logs. I saw a few people on Facebook Marketplace however 1 is too far and the other hasn't gotten back to me. Saw some YouTube videos on DIY sawmill but not up for the task right now. And while we're on this lumber topic, anyone ever make any epoxy tables 😬
  2. If anyone is interested, I have the below ammo along with the leather belt shotgun shell holder for sale. 4 boxes plus another box in the belt, so 5 total. $75 takes it. Pickup available in either Budd Lake or Totowa area.
  3. Sorry for the delay. Both stands have been picked up by the first 2 who responded.
  4. You can have the other one for $100. Less than half
  5. Denali is yours for 60. I'll text u my number.
  6. Bill at 817pm. 1st Dibbs. I'll send you my number
  7. Howdy, so I want to apologize for my first post be in the classified section. I was a member in the past, but it was easier to create a new account (and the benefits of starting fresh 😬) than to reset my password. I purchased 2 ladder stands back in September of 2020. Never used them and they are still in the box. Boxes are a bit rough from being moved around (seems like always in the way). Trying to clean up a bit. All the info is attached. I'm thinking $180 for both is a good deal. Less than half the cost I paid. Pickup in Budd Lake. I'll reply in order of messages received. Just give me a bit to reply. It would be helpful to post on here message sent. It's been a while since I've been on here.
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