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  1. Good idea. It'll let me treat things more quickly in case some of them are hitchhiking in my car. Thank you!
  2. Looks like I'll be ordering some Permethrin! Thank you!
  3. So, I went out for turkey this morning, and saw improvements in a lot of ways. One thing that went worse, though, is the ticks. I was using "Nantucket Spider Extra Strength Tick Repellent Spray", and knocked off about 30 ticks in the field. And then I got home and knocked off about another 30. I don't care what it claims, it seems like a tick attractant instead. So, what do you all use to repel ticks or minimize the number that climb all over you?
  4. I actually chose E to try to give myself more time to read and watch videos before I went out. Didn't help as much as I had hoped Ah well, next year, I'll be choosing the longest time window I can.
  5. Turns out that's also Zone 9, so the permit I have is good for there as well. Need to ask why it's unfortunate that it's a refuge/new jersey land trust property, though. I'm sure there's rules I'm missing that make that matter, but I have no clue what I'm missing. Thank you!
  6. Why there? Asking out of genuine curiousity. Is it just because of the woods, or the border of woods and open space, or the adjoining private property, or something else that makes you choose that? I admit that something about that region made me think of it as plausible, but I have no idea what, or why somebody else might choose it. Thank you!
  7. My permit is Zone 9, Period E (so, I have this coming Saturday and the following Saturday remaining). I've been roaming through Pequest Wildlife Management Area, and have spent a few days worth of time since January (meaning around 40 hours total) exploring it. Not nearly enough, I know, but I'm worried about messing up other people's hunts by not knowing enough of what I'm doing, so... Yeah. That's where I am right now.
  8. Absolutely everything is a chance for me to learn. If you're going out on Saturday, and are okay with me tagging along to learn, I'd love to come with. Even if nothing is found, I still learn.
  9. So, as I mentioned elsewhere, I'm completely new. And I've realized that I'm failing because of something that is completely obvious, but I haven't figured out how to correct it. Simply put: I don't know what to look for, nor how to even find the areas where I should be looking. I'm hoping somebody out there would be willing to let me tag along with them this coming Saturday. I won't even bring my weapon (unless you ask me to), I'm not looking to step on anybody's harvest. I just want to see what an experienced hunter sees and learn from them. Is anybody willing? I'm in Oxford, Warren Cou
  10. Good evening! I was referred here by @hunterbob1. Let me go ahead and type out everything I know about hunting... I can spell it. And I know people do it. There, done I've got my license, I've got some gear (crossbow, target, etc), and I've got willingness to learn. I live in Oxford, NJ, and am hoping to connect with people who will help somebody brand new to the sport learn how to participate well.I can at least hit my target pretty well, but I don't know how to find the animals to even take aim. Thanks for reading, and I'll start reading more of these forums next.
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