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  1. $175 for the pair Both combos were used 2 seasons and have been hanging in the garage for a few years since I sold the boat. Spooled with power pro braid(I think it's 30#) Located in clinton 08833 7' ANDE tournament ATCJ-701MH Penn Squall 40LD
  2. Found a tote of netting while cleaning out the loft. Some used to conceal a canoe and some unused. The roll in the middle of the pic is still mostly rolled up, so there’s a lot of it. No shipping, free to pick up in Clinton NJ -Jim
  3. Your safety is your responsibility. If your not comfortable being across the lake than don't go across the lake. If you can't wait it out or work back along the shore, than doing 30mph across the middle of the lake when it kicks up isn't safe either. I'm not saying you personally but it would be a false sense of security for a lot of people there. Changing regulations in the name of "safety" hasn't really worked out too well for us sportsmen lately either.
  4. Just don’t clip the leg with your lawnmower after loading it with 200 lbs and you won’t have to piece it back together........don’t ask lol
  5. It does the job. I have one in the yard for the same reason. For $80 you really can't beat it. Put the solar panel on it and it'll last for years. Mine is going strong for 6 years now.....
  6. Andover hunt and fish https://www.andoverhuntandfish.com/ Stokes Sport Shop https://www.facebook.com/Stokes-Forest-Sport-Shop-1583011852024002/
  7. Hypothetically speaking........ If I happened to have one with a case of ammo, how much do they go for nowadays?
  8. I have a Browning nomad 40 at 28 if your interested in it.   Here's my cell 732 551 4809.  I'm in toms river..

    1. Eden


      Thanks, but I need to keep it lighter than that to get her started.


  9. LH 2011 Bowtech Invasion CPX 60-70# 26-30 DL. Set to 29 now G5 optic xr4 sight(took a fixed pin out to reduce clutter so it's 2 fixed and 1 floater) QAD ultra rest hdx Bowfinger go pro mount Octane stabilizer and quiver Trufire hardcore hook release plus two extras 12 mixed Easton axis/beman mfx 340 arrows Plano hardcase There's some wear on the limbs from the bow hanger but bow is in good shape otherwise. New strings and cables installed by strictly the last year I used it(2015) Looking for $250 or trade for a low weight(around 35#) RH lo
  10. When my buddy was having his first kid I wanted to get a nice bottle to celebrate. Didn't want to go the typical Johnnie blue route and ended up with a bottle of Midleton. It's a nice blend and has become our go to between friends for special occasions(kids, weddings, divorces.....) I just saw bourbon street on rt. 22 in Lebanon had a bottle on sale for 145
  11. I took advantage of the wind and still hunted/scouted some public land in zone 8. Got there late after helping clear a tree from the road on the way. Saw a total of 8 doe and one decent 8. All the deer were up and feeding despite the wind. Be careful, there are a lot of limbs still falling.
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