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  1. Can’t wait… getting to bed way too late since we had close friends from out of state passing through staying for dinner and good conversation. But as long as I get a few hours in I’ll be happy as can be enjoying a beautiful morning in a blind in the deer woods.
  2. Maine is stunningly beautiful. Haven’t been to Wyoming, but I definitely want to go. If for nothing else, a Yellowstone trip is in me and my family‘s future at some point.
  3. I have heard some who’ve said this was the plan all along, meaning the dems knew he was over the top and wouldn’t go through. But it was a strategic move in order to move the Overton window and make the next person seem “reasonable” in comparison, even though they will likely only be a slightly less insane gun control activist. Then when 2A defenders come against the slightly less insane person it looks like the 2A defenders are the unreasonable ones, unwilling to compromise. we’ll see I guess
  4. You should watch this video… the issue is registration sets up an easy road to gun confiscation. If they know where every gun resides, they can come take them. Like others have said (and he states in the video), a registry would NOT do ANYTHING to prevent violence, so why do it? Just to appease the left? Ok… that MIGHT appease them for about 2 minutes, or at most until the next shooting, at which point they will continue to move on to the next step toward the inevitable. Why even give them an inch when we all know the direction this is heading? Not to mention, the vehicle registration is NOT COMPARABLE for one MAJOR reason: We don’t have a constitutional right to keep and bear a vehicle… but we DO have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
  5. You already know this applies to me, as we’ve spoken via PM about this exact topic. I’m excited to continue working on it alone without a mentor, as it will be SO REWARDING when I take my first bird. I’ve had a handful of “almosts” with birds JUST out of range or skiddishly peeking heads up over a downed log or around a tree never to be seen again, etc. but even those times are worth every minute of sleep lost and ever mile of hiking throughout the season. There is NOTHING like calling in a gobbler and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that he came in because of your calls and your ability to remain still and thus we’ll hidden from him. They are finicky wary birds that I respect so much because of how much they can humble you. I love Turkey hunting more than any of the other species I’ve successfully targeted and harvest. Next spring will be my 4th season, and hopefully all that I’ve learned from my mistakes and close encounters in the first 3 seasons will make season 4 THE ONE! and if not, you can bet I’ll be out again for a 5th season working just as hard and enjoying it just as much.
  6. As I’m looking back at my list the only one I’ve only driven through (besides a brief scenic overlook stop) was Vermont. I’ve stayed in all the others, and if I added a layover I would be able to add Illinois but O’Hare airport didn’t feel like actually being “in” IL. My wife and I also absolutely LOVE Georgia and the lifestyle, but it’s just SO HOT AND HUMID during the summer especially.
  7. A friend posted this on FB recently and I thought it was cool. I’d really be interested to hear where some of you all have traveled in the U.S. so here’s my list, driving through counts and plane layovers can count, but obviously flying over a state doesn’t… New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Hawaii I definitely need to do more traveling in the middle of the country and can’t wait to do so. Also, Alaska is on my bucket list for sure…
  8. Also an adult onset hunter from a non-hunting background. Lots of great advice in these comments, and overall on this site. Great supportive community, many of whom have an absolute wealth of knowledge. As overstated as it might seem, it really is true, just get out there and hunt… you’ll make tons of mistakes but it’s the best way to learn and the process is enjoyable (also that much more rewarding when you succeed).
  9. I hear you… I’d probably be considered a “kid” to many on here (in my 30’s) but still prefer flipping through an actual book as opposed to looking at a screen. I actually just called Dick’s minutes before seeing this post to ask them if they finally got the hard copies in yet, because I stopped by about a week ago and they weren’t there. Ugh…
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