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  1. I have to admit I’m nervous about my shotgun getting soaking wet (it’s not a waterproof waterfowl gun or anything, just a regular wooden stock Mossberg 500 with blued barrel). Not to mention I’m still pretty new to hunting and have no camo rain gear yet, so I would also be soaking wet after a while if it indeed does rain. I live about 70-80 minutes away from my hunting zone so Idk about waking up at 2:30am only to get soaked, though I would be willing to do it if: A. it doesn’t ruin my gun, and B. I actually have a chance of getting a bird. In my limited experience and what I’ve heard, they te
  2. That came out a few years back, but I guess netflix just picked it up (surprising honestly, since they seem way more interested in promoting immoral and anti-American garbage). I’ve said it before in other posts, but Steven Rinella and the MeatEater crew are all so amazing at explaining what the hunting and fishing lifestyle is all about, without perpetuating the negative stereotypes that many non-hunters have due to mainstream media bias AND lack of exposure to the fulfilling lifestyle and the genuinely great and moral people who live it. I speak as a former non (and even anti) hunte
  3. I read both articles, and the only thing that I can possibly come up with to figure out why you’re saying that Steve’s a “woke SJW” is the part where he talks about minorities and women being underrepresented in the hunting population and some of the historical reasons that might be the case. Maybe he could’ve phrased it in a way that doesn’t sound so much like the language of SJW’s, but his point is valid. If we’re only going to rely on fathers and family members to get people into the outdoors, then those outside of the current hunting demographic would continue to lack exposure to
  4. Not even close...... my wife and I looked into getting some land a year or two ago and the cheapest lot of land we found was $20,000 for less than 1/4 acre in a neighborhood in Sussex, sandwiched between a bunch of other houses on the block. Property taxes were still somewhere between $3,000-5,o00. And that was BEFORE the real estate market went CRAZY because of all the city people wanting to leave the congestion due to covid. That same property would probably be double the cost now, and if you wanted 1/2 to 1 acre you’re EASILY looking at $50-100k with property taxes well over $5k a year.
  5. This is true I totally agree, but in my opinion when it comes to something as emotionally charged and debated as guns and hunting, it depends very much on the SOURCE of that education. In other words, if I had watched almost ANY OTHER hunting show before seeing MeatEater, I’m pretty sure I would’ve stayed an “anti” because most other shows (through the lens of a non-hunter or anti-hunter) look to be celebrating the bloodshed and death of an animal as if it gets the hunter another notch on their belt, seemingly portrayed with off-putting macho man bravado along with heavy metal instrumentals in
  6. Yeah, I like that it’s not all about the kill being the culmination of the episode but rather the meal. I also love that he has plenty of episodes where he A. doesn’t succeed at harvesting the animal he was after, B. shows his mistakes of missed or bad shots, C. makes the conscious decision to PASS on an animal, just because he’d rather enjoy more time hunting (if it was the first day of a trip let’s say), or because he’d rather watch the animal at that moment instead of shoot it.
  7. I’ve seen it.... twice.... 😂 told you I’m an addict. now that you mention it, I should probably watch it a third time! Haha it is a great documentary for sure, btw
  8. Anyone else completely obsessed with MeatEater, the show, the brand, Steven Rinella, Janis Putelis, Ryan Callaghan, and the rest of the MeatEater team and spin-off shows and videos? I always say it’s because of our beloved dictator Phil Murphy getting elected that I applied for my FID and purchased my first gun, but in the meantime while waiting almost 6 months for the detective assigned to my application to finally get it to the chief, I started watching MeatEater almost out of spite. I originally had no intention of even shooting a gun except in an emergency, let alone becoming a hunter
  9. alabjr

    TN or SC?

    Just out of curiosity, anyone want to weigh in on North Carolina? Hunting, fishing, shooting opportunities, laws, culture, etc. specifically the western (Appalachia) section.
  10. alabjr

    TN or SC?

    Love your post, thanks for your story and encouragement. The part that scares me about “purple” places like NC and VA is how you said the snowflakes are spreading like a plague. For example, your crazy governor wants mothers to be able to “have a conversation with their doctor” AFTER their child is born to see if they still want to keep it or not... WHAT?!?!?!?! Anyway, it’s for that reason that we’re looking to the most majority conservative state we can. And one that’s still somewhat drivable to NJ, even if it’s a 12-14hr drive (i.e. TN or SC). We do have family that will rema
  11. alabjr

    TN or SC?

    We’ve been doing the same thing. We prefer warm weather to cold, but I’m sure the extreme heat and humidity would get old pretty quickly so we’ve also been looking at mountains and foothills in the east and northeast the exact same reason as you. Who knows, maybe we’ll wind up being neighbors lol. Also, I agree about Maine... went there this past October for a foliage trip and we were in awe of everything we saw and experienced. It was absolutely gorgeous. But too cold for us to live year round.
  12. alabjr

    TN or SC?

    Very true, we would be looking at quality of school districts and low crime rates, but more as a way to judge the overall value of the house purchase and community at large. Schools and crime rates tend to be the best indicators and ways to take the temperature of an area, and as a result judge your potential growth in equity over time. I just figured those things were “a given” and chose not to highlight them specifically on a post on a hunting and fishing forum. Private Christian school has always been on the table for us (especially if we stay here on NJ). I’m a MS/HS public school tea
  13. alabjr

    TN or SC?

    AGREED, except I don’t know if I “love” the cold and snow, but I do enjoy seasons changing. I just wish I could have everything I love about NJ without all the things I hate about it... and especially without all the things I hate becoming magnified more and more as time goes on.
  14. alabjr

    TN or SC?

    I’ve thought about Kentucky... for some reason I think it’ll be a bit too much culture shock for me and my wife as we’re Taylor Ham people from Union County. My wife is a city girl and I’m a suburbs boy. We both look forward to a more “rural” experience and lifestyle but not to the point of being totally disconnected or too too far from modern conveniences or a city to visit (like Knoxville or Charleston for example). Then again, I just don’t know really anything about Kentucky (other than I don’t see them ever flipping blue) lol, so I apologize if I’m painting it with too broad of a
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