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  1. I am looking to fill a number of holes in my supplies if anybody has some for sale at reasonable price or looking for possible trades. 45/70 full length brass (not Hornady Leverrevolution) 450 marlin full length brass (not Hornady Leverrevolution) 35 Rem brass 30/30 brass .430 / 45 cal Hornady 350 grain Flat Point interlock bullets .430 / 44 cal Hornady 265 grain flat point interlocks .358 / 30 cal Hornady 200 Grain round nose interlock bullets .308 / 30 cal 150 grain round nose bullets (or flat nose) (hornady, speer, sierra, core lokt) .308 / 3
  2. Think that's a heron there, maybe a juvenile, piture's a little fuzzy but looks like a yellow bill. Sandhills are present in small numbers in NJ, you'll see them foraging in ag fields and open wet meadows most frequently.
  3. old stock Remington Shur Shot 16 gauge No 8 24 shells $10 for pickup in Rockaway
  4. I've gotten a couple inquires and then no followup so I am going to clarify that I want to sell them as a lot, not by the box. 120 bucks takes all, please PM me only if you have decided you want them for that price which is at or less than they sold new during "normal times." Probably can't find these in stock most places, this is a fair deal . I live and work in morris county, convenient to parts of Warren or Sussex. Thanks.
  5. 10 boxes (+ 2 extra for 52 rounds) of 12 ga. Hornady SST sabot slugs $12/box Located in northwest nj
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