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  1. verizon does not have the coverage of att
  2. Hi just wondering what compound bows ya'll shoot? i used a wildgame innovations xb380 last year and i just bought a matthews v3 a couple weeks ago!!! it is the 27 inch with the elevated optifade camo. i love the thing!!! 28.5 in draw length and pulling 72 lb.
  3. Far Left Democrats and Far Right Republicans.
  4. The only problem is it makes just as much emissions producing the electric to charge your car than it does to run gas. Actually probably a little more because every time you convert energy you lose some energy!
  5. For $99 plus i get a free stealth cam steel security box i'm not getting anything else.
  6. A mountain lion had cubs in our barn last week! They are the minis 10lb full grown!
  7. That is messing with the horned one!!! lol
  8. Need a night vision scope on a .243 and take them puppies out!
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