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  1. Nice Dan, he's a good one! Congratulations
  2. From an experience I had years back: during the regular fall bow season I harvested a doe in an unlimited antlerless zone and several weeks later harvested a doe in a one doe/ one buck zone and was contacted by the CO. They said if I had gotten the first doe from the one buck/doe zone and then took an antlerless deer from the unlimited zone it would have been in accordance with the regs.
  3. Got very lucky this past weekend in New York. I drove up early Friday morning and met Booner loaded up our gear, and our next stop was in Pennsylvania to pick up hammer4reel. After a few hours on the road we stopped at Bass Pro got our licenses and a few other odds and ends, ate a few snack sticks for lunch and were settled in our trees by 330. Perfect weather, good wind and it wasn't long before deer were feeding on a newly planted alph alpha field the three of us were set up on. In a group text I saw messages from Mike and Dan that there was a shooter buck feeding out of my sight but within a hundred yards of me. Shortly after glimpses and pieces were all I caught of him for almost an hour. The last text I saw said he was heading right to me. After what seemed like forever this old boy rounded the field edge at 75 yard's and was making his way right up the farm lane which was leading him for a real close broadside shot. As he was obscured by some branches and leaves I drew and tried to stay calm. He came to a stop at 8 yards and the arrow found its mark, him taking off into a thicket of pines. Within fifteen seconds I heard him crash, sounding like he took down half the thicket with him! After a short wait we found blood where I took the shot him and found him about 70 yards away! Very exciting and fortunate hunt! Hammer taped him out and he measured 153 1/2, biggest buck I've ever harvested. Thanks Mike and Dan for an excellent trip, can't wait til next year!
  4. I'm going to give this method a try hopefully sooner than later. Seems like it's going to work out nice.
  5. Nice job, haven't seen a white perch in years up by us in the Toms River Say ten years ago we used to get them and it was a blast, now there are several commercial guys netting the mouth of the river and took the wind out of the locals sails who broke outta spring fever early.
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