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  1. My buddy and i are headed out to ohio,leaving at 330 am hopefully in a stand by 2 this afternoon , giving it one last chance i think about this farm alot during the year ,its a place that is not hunted that much and there are DEER, i would rather bow hunt this farm instead of going to sasketewean, wish me luck im out till saturday
  2. congrats nice late season buck you should invest in battery operated gloves i put them on the last hour just for the reason of holding the bow while they are coming in very cautious,and spooky this time of year and have the heat warmers in my pockets of course
  3. I have taken my heavy hunting clothing to my local cleaners and was in expensive to add new zippers to heavy coats and jump suit
  4. So if biden was to pass away, we would have our first female running the country?????
  5. Going out till the end,tomorrow night is suppose to be colder and windy should have deer on there feet earlier probably going back out to ohio this weekend
  6. this is a bobcat other picture is bigger i believe
  7. does this look like a mountain lion ?? I cant tell even after making the picture larger ,it gets blurry but the legs look short to me
  8. I have 2 spypoint link s cellular with the solar attached to the top of the camera. Spypoint had a special last year buy get 1 free which i did they are costly but with the special was about 250 each, they work great and i havent changed batteries since august Its nice not having to check the sd cards they load right to your phone or computer
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