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  1. I'm gonna bring it in and hopefully they'll have seen it before - I was going to get new strings but was hoping I could wait another season.
  2. If any of you have used the VXR you know that at full draw you almost need to push the bow to get it to let down. After a recent session, my cams started engaging immediately. Everything else feels the same, but I really liked having the the extra buffer while at full draw. I'm wondering if something is out of timing or if this simply happens after X number of shots. Do any of you have experience with this? Thanks
  3. So much good stuff here. Anyone have experience with Maven scopes? And I run a vortex on my 220. Here’s the deal with Vortex (IMO): you are paying for two things 1) the no questions asked warranty, which I can attest to is amazing. They don’t even want to know. 2) the fact that they sponsor literally EVERYONE. That allows them to charge a huge premium and then discount models so they look like a great deal. I will readily admit that they are quality pieces but should cost about 2/3 of what the actual price is. The new Sig scopes are good and when paired with BDX on the kilo1800 makes thi
  4. Was at the Thunder Mountain trap range today and on the way back drove through Ramapo Mountain State forest. Aside from a ton of people at every access point I also passed A TON of deer on the side of the road. I’ve always heard that this was a bear paradise but very little on the deer front. Anyone have experience or insight?
  5. You can pretty much just do it yourself if you have access to a bow press. Tons of good stuff on YouTube that most shops won’t do for you.
  6. I’m looking as well. Primarily for deer. If waterfowl is on the property as well that would be ideal. I live in Bergen but hunt at Clinton WMA currently. Thanks!
  7. I don’t believe that is the case currently. I moved here and with COVID they changed it to a general firearms license. I could be wrong but when I looked for the rifle specific it seemed to be merged with the shotgun in terms of course material and description. EDIT: if you completed NJ firearms education last year the rifle permit is available as long as you passed the shotgun field day.
  8. That would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hi, im in dire need of some remington accutips for my Savage 220. It hates every other load I’ve tried. If someone has some to sell or if there’s a store in NJ where you’ve seen some can you please let me know. I will drive virtually anywhere. thanks!
  10. I’m ok spending some money for a quality gun - I have seen CVA come up a lot. as far as propellant is there a significant difference? lastly, is the general operation straightforward? As in, if I’ve shot rifles can a safely figure out how to load a muzzleloader? Thanks so much!
  11. Hi, I would really like to get out and duck hunt but I a)don’t have a dog and b)don’t have a boat. I’m comfortable with a shotgun and have been duck hunting several times before (in PA). Are there people (not guides) who are willing to take other hunters in exchange for some $ (again, not guide money) or even help work on their land? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I’d like to learn more about muzzleloaders and get some suggestions on what is needed for the modern versions. I’ve been using a slug gun and I’m looking to potentially make the change to pick up some more time in the field. Thanks!
  13. Danbran


    Hi, Does anyone belong to a private club? I’ve heard such mixed things and would really like to learn more and/or get some advice from those currently or formerly in clubs. As some background I bow hunt early in the season and have gone to shotgun during permit season. I’m willing to hike as far as necessary. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had success at CWMA? ive been several times and I just can’t seem to get my bearings. All of the entries, exits to the deep stuff seem very loud/visable and the fields are basically void of deer until dark. any help would be appreciated. Side note, I’m referring to the Van Syckels side of the WMA and haven’t been hunting in NJ for very long. thanks!
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