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  1. Damn that's awesome! if he's still in the state and hasan't moved toTennessee yet, I bettcha highguy.(Greg Hoff) will be there.You going to let Christopher drive the Chevelle?when you get there ,you can get out and tell him to pull over and he could say first time ever been pulled over by a cop.lol
  2. Awesome. You know you can put different wood chips in them that come in a bag and off yet head.
  3. That's it?.I thought I was going to see some pictures of some fat lips.Good catch.
  4. Sgt.Steve L. (Sticks)..Live PD.👍
  5. Never fished there, I drove a winding Road there once, look down the hill said nope!.. was weird it was a kind of famous tattoo artist up the hill before tattoos became popular.
  6. Lol. The bigger they are the harder they Fall.
  7. You ever get down my way I'll treat you to the new place. http://redbarnmilkco.com
  8. Fished there alot many moons ago when I lived in Essex county. It used to be pretty well stocked. Fish would make your way down to the slower water, it didn't get eat by the pike or get caught by Dan the kayak man, I did very well parking behind the Holiday inn waiting across the river to the south side, work the Northside watets down to the bridge at 23.
  9. I shot tens of thousands of arrows. Glass, aluminum and carbon. Refletched many a feather and reglued many a nock. Never had a Robin.congratulations Ken!
  10. Dam rabbit snuck up behind me and tripped me.
  11. He scared me at your house. Came across as a tough guy. Okay you got good cop and bad cop. Yes Louis I'm drinking, I'm in my truck, in my driveway. I'm a professional. I can look you straight in the eye. Follow your flashlight, not turn my head. Take 10 steps,away,pirouette, and 10 steps back to you.
  12. Musta counted 30+rt 78 exit 17 to 287. Both side east and west. Of course I'm a hunter, harvested a few deer,makes you sad to see them just laying on the shoulder. What a waste of meat!
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