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  1. Saltwater Show

    Was there today.Do yourself a favor and buy your tickets on line,you'll walk right in,if not,long wait on line for cash sales.Parking was a nightmare but the show had alot to see.
  2. Just got back from the Oaks Gun Show

    Where is this 2000 table show going to be?
  3. Muzzleloader Barks In the Snow

    Congrats,that is a beaut anywhere!
  4. My 83 year old father got his opening day buck.

    Wow ! that is so cool ,hugh congatulations
  5. 9 PT. TODAY

    I really have been putting in my time and have been seeing only small bucks and passed on 2 smaller 8's.Decided to get off the couch for a mid-day hunt with the hope of catching a Sattilite buck snicking into the area for a noon time romp.Was in the tree about an hour and spotted this guy sneaking in,I made a great shot at about 30 yds.,A blind man could have followed the blood trail,but he still managed to cross a road-very lucky for me because he dropped on the other side and I was able to pull my car right up for recovery.Very thankful for this Mature 9 pt. Buck !
  6. RUFF week ahead

    My deepest sympathy,hang in there
  7. Son's late season buck

    ​My son Jason got it done after a long season.Our good friend Craig set him up on one of his sets and Jason made a great 85 yard shot on this very respectible 4 yr. old 8 pt.

    Going to try my 1st post here.It all came together tonight for me hunting with my son Jason. He worked very hard to put me on this 10 pointer with some extra kickers so he deserves more credit than me.we are calling him the birthday buck as my is in a few days.​He felt as if he was giving back to me for all the years I placed him in the best spots as a kid and bringing him back into the sport after a long absence.I will always have found memories of this buck as I look at him in my twilight years.
  9. Our new addiction to the family

    Congrats ! she a little doll ,God bless her !
  10. My sons 2nd slammer this year !

    My son shot a beauty in the fall bow season.He picked up a new propety recently and was very excited with the set-up.Conditions were perfect for a hunt today and he closed the deal on this magnificent creature.I don't know who is more excited,me or him.He actually has 2 other big bucks in taxidermy .Here comes number 3.