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  1. A good days work right there. I do agree with BCsaw that you should get something up around the sides to stop the quads. I have a spot on public land past a locked gate on a fire road but i kept seeing quad tracks, I figured they must somehow have a key for the gate, until one day I was walking back to the truck and saw this guy with a quad and trailer full of corn get around the gate through a space that I had to turn side ways to pass on foot.
  2. Fantastic, great work. She's has quite the collection. I was down there myself getting ragdolled in the over 40s division on Sunday. Keep 'em rolling.
  3. Good luck on getting permission, a few nice looking bucks there.
  4. The Wildcat Ridge closure only specifies the spot where kids hang out and jump off the rocks into the water, known as the cliffs, and only 1/4 mile inland from the edge of the water. I've found some beer cans and graffiti up there, unpleasant in the woods to be sure, but I guess I'm not there at the time of day (or night) that the real shenannigans are going on.
  5. Growing up in Scotland if your name was Gary, you got called Gaz or Gazza, like it or not. My wife and kids to this day find it hilarious.
  6. Went to hang my camera today and forgot the extra strap I like to use for added security. As I'm muttering and angrily unzipping and zipping and rifling through my bag, this guy comes down to see what all the noise is about. Wandered down to within 10 yards of me leaning against a tree. Hung out for 15 minutes and sauntered away. Decided to go back and hang the camera when I have the metal strapping. A good days scouting none the less. 20210523_140127.mp4
  7. Great looking bird, congrats.
  8. Welcome, I joined the site recently as an adult (some have even said middle aged) novice hunter. A great bunch on here, always with a great deal of advice, sometimes even of the solicited kind. .
  9. PM sent to put me in line right behind Tuck.
  10. I'll bring enough for everyone, but they'll need to be spotless when I bring them back.
  11. Guy's, I'm doing a run to Restaurant Depot for work Thursday or Friday. I'd be glad to bring anything needed from there for the festivities? From sides of beef to paper plates, let me know.
  12. Welcome, new hunter here too, you'll find a great bunch of folks on here, great info and keep an eye on the classified too. Good luck.
  13. It was my understanding that there would be women there that could embaress most of the men with their prowess in ax throwing.
  14. Trauma kit in the truck, boo boo kit on my person. Boo boo kit has qwik clot and chest seals. And Hello Kitty band aids.
  15. Very gracious of you to extend an invitation, sounds like a great day. The comments for the event post though are a mix of 'yeah these are my type of people', and 'WTF, is this a cult?'.
  16. Hey SKK, welcome, I'm another adult novice here, and it can feel like your drinking from a hosepipe with everything to take in. There is a lot great advice from the previous replies you've received here, and on this site in general. I find answers to most questions I have in the forums before I even need to ask. The classifieds can be a good resource too. I grabbed 4 copies of the Digest, free at Walmart, one for the truck, one for my bag, one in at work and one in the 'throneroom' and have one downloaded on my laptop. Get as familiar as you can with the regs, season by season. Finally, with or without a mentor, get out into the woods, put all those hours of youtube videos to use, be observant. Best of luck.
  17. @JFC1, middle age??? You mean me? Oh wait, right. How the heck did that happen? 😄
  18. I was looking at getting a summit, reviews seem great. That's just sealed the deal for me. Good luck.
  19. Gazza

    Big Six Down

    Great looking buck. Congratulations.
  20. As an adult beginner, this is great. Thanks for sharing.
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