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  1. Wanted a German Shorthair Pointer 3-7 year old I don’t want to deal with a puppy.Hikeing & Pheasant dog. Sometimes people can’t deal with energy . I can..I have a lot of knowledge with bird dogs.
  2. Don’t need a finished dog . I’ve had a Springer 13 yrs, Eng. Setter 16 yrs. GSP 23 mo. I’ve been to training with all dogs them & I learned well. I can train in field & home. Heel off leash no problem. No pulling on leash.. Some people can’t handle energy of sporting dogs I can..
  3. My Sadie 23 mo old gsp passed away 4/2020 she had heart valve problem getting older now do a lot of hikeing . I’m in a gun club pheasant hunting. I have a lot of knowledge with bird dogs. Want to give a GSP a great life.Hot weather exercise is swimming in lakes. Running rail trails season al & state parks.. We are retired have plenty of time to family a gsp..
  4. I’m new here . Wanted female GSP 3-7 yrs old
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