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  1. Yeah i’m realizing it’s going to cost way more than just buying one lol, i can get a S&W m&p 15 for $700 ready to go
  2. No one? C’mon guys i just want these out of my way
  3. Thank’s i’ll check them out
  4. I too have a a 336, i love that rifle, mine is in great shape also but not quite as nice as yours though lol
  5. Have any of you guys built an AR? So i was hearing it’s cheaper to do this but I was wondering where you guys are getting the parts from.
  6. Shepss217


    😂😂 coulda went the other way for sure
  7. Shepss217


    Thats what i said, you should see the one he was fighting, not as big as this one but still a solid 10, he has 4 broken off, looks like someone took a grinding wheel to his antlers lol
  8. Shepss217


    Got this stud two nights ago. Still can’t believe all the stars aligned lol. He was my number 1 hitlister
  9. I have 10 easton fmj 320 spine hunting arrows for sale. Come with extra nocks and 2 pink lumenoks. One needs the insert taken out, a broadhead broke off into it. These were used for a 29” draw length. I have to take a measurements of the arrows when i get home. Asking best offer
  10. I wasn’t planning on using it for the 30th and the 1st, i knew it was too late, i just wanted it before the 14th when those days come back in. I will have plenty of time for that
  11. That’s what i did, should be shipped today, i knew i was too late for the 30th and 1st for muzzleloader hunting but i wanna have it ready for the 14th when it comes back in
  12. Cabelas lost my business once they merged with basspro, been going downhill ever since
  13. I have 3 g5 montecs and 3 montec practice heads, looking for rage hypodermics
  14. Anyone happen to have a 20 gauge auto for sale? My wife wants one so preferably one with a shorter stock but its not a must. I have a FID card too btw
  15. I have a cva optima v2 on the way, got it on anacortes gun shop online, they had really good prices
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