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  1. First scout ever today (real green) in z5. Nothing out but good to finally be productive. Looking to get out again soon to scout before six day or permit shotty.
  2. Thank! I may Pm you. I felt a bit overwhelmed about places to pick to scout but decided on Jenny Jump. Hiked the north end today but didn't see much in terms of prospective areas. Semper P! Nice, I left as an e5 as well. Great organization but haven't looked back.
  3. Thanks, where exactly is prime public land area? I'm new to NJ.
  4. Thanks! Do you hunt close or drive out to a different zone?
  5. Wow I didnt realize how close zone 5 is to me. And much better bag limits. Guess I need to start doing more research on z5!
  6. Thanks! I was reading quite a few people head to zone 5. I assume more deer? Ill look into it.
  7. Hello, new hunter checking in here. Live in Bergen but from the research I'm doing looks like zone 5 will be my spot(Thanks Bill!). Former Coastguardsmen, avid hiker and recreational shooter and always had an interest in deer hunting. Went on a couple short hunts with friends but didn't gain a whole lot. Moved up to NJ and got my safety course last year which was very informative from a hunting perspective. Seen plenty of does and some bucks on hikes, especially High Mountain. Too bad! Going for deer with shotgun. Might buy a license and permit and get out there in December. Thanks for having
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