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  1. Rooster


    Love the snow. It's been snowing here near Blairstown all morning today.
  2. Interesting. Have had a blue one visit us a couple of times near Blairstown these past 2 weeks. Just over the tree tops. No markings.
  3. Rooster

    top shelf bourbon

    Bookers. Deserving of its own shelf.
  4. I've never used handwarmers in the booties. I usually wear a pair of 800 gram thinsulated boots and put the booties over them. This year, for whatever reason, I've found that I'm wearing a pair of muck boots most outings. They're pretty bulky, but the booties fit over them very nicely. For my hands it's typically 1 large handwarmer in a muff. That does the trick for me.
  5. I love the booties. I've found that almost anything under my feet, whether in a stand or on the ground is better than nothing, but the boot booties are the best and weigh near nothing. It's hard to ignore cold feet and hands. And as others have said, I also walk in lightly dressed.
  6. Great looking buck! Congratulations!
  7. Z6 checking in. Very quiet. 3 distant shots so far. No deer. congrats on a nice buck Mallard!
  8. The taxidermist I went to stopped intake on 11/20 in part due to the # of animals coming in and in part due to the effect of the pandemic in getting work completed earlier this year from last years take.
  9. Beautiful buck!! You earned it. Congratulations.
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