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  1. Roger that . @Tarhunt is hooking me up with a cape !! Thanks for everyone’s replies and support especially @JHbowhunter. You definitely did me a solid and I owe you one. @Tarhuntwe’ll link up soon to get it all moving.
  2. No it was the butcher’s fault. My taxidermist and his good friend steered me to this site. I’m in Sussex county.
  3. Mvl that’s a beauty six !! Congrats !! I’ve always wanted a big clean six. I appreciate the offer but I need a bigger bodied deer. Great shot by the way. What broadhead are you shooting ?
  4. Thanks everyone for the reply’s. If your in the Sussex county area let me know.
  5. Thanks for the thought. Good luck and shoot a slammer !! (Lol I need the cape )
  6. I’ve been told that a doe , even a huge one doesn’t really fit the bill.
  7. Hi, I was recommended to this site by “JHbowhunter” whom I met at our local taxidermist. I’m in need of a cape for a buck i took last week. My butcher had a brain fart and cut off the hide at the base of the head. (To say I’m sick over this is an understatement)The deer was in the 160-170 lb range and likely 4-1/2 yrs old so I’d need a larger cape to do him justice. If anyone is in the Sussex area and takes a buck that you don’t plan on mounting please let me know. Thanks and good luck in the woods.
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