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  1. Bucksnort23, I chose my user name because in German Jagermeister means Master Hunter or Hunt Master, it has nothing to do with the alcohol. Look it up and I don't consider myself a master hunter just thought it would be a cool user name. Peace.
  2. A few pictures of Marsh bucks taken last year.
  3. Dan I'm new to this site as well and last year I hunted phragmites for the first time and saw some of the biggest bucks I've ever seen in NJ. Try and find the scrapes on the high spots and then sit them because the bucks will come around every three days or so checking them. Make a ground blind with the phragmites and stay down wind. I'll try and post a few photos.
  4. I found a nice buck on Monday 11/9/20 which appears to have been shot a day or two earlier. The location is the Chester/Mendham border, off of E Fox Chase Rd., zone 9. Contact me if you think this might be your deer.
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