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  1. Awesome buck great to see the little guys knocking them down
  2. Good luck. Out in 50 again. Quiet no wind. Seems like a great day but nothing so far.
  3. Good luck. Loving the cold 50 lbs in a day be out here all day. Today is the day I feel it.
  4. Me too I get in the woods even before work at 9 this year looking for either one of them. I’m becoming a very good chef for them with the different stuff I’m trying to get them there during the day. Good luck
  5. Good luck all. Out in 50 for the morning everything seems perfect but only squirrels so far.
  6. GLA beautiful day wind died getting a little cooler. Been in since 5:30 haven’t heard or seen anything.
  7. GLTA in 50 once again no movement since I could see. I know one of my shooters is hungry before the storm. We shall see
  8. Good luck all. Just came out no movement at all. Too warm I’m hoping. But my camera has been dry as well. Quick question, are deer responding to your scents and grunts this year?
  9. Out here in 50 with ya. Saw the same things as well haha.
  10. Looks like a bright speck to me. I would be still looking. Deer definitely had to lay down Good luck
  11. Agree with all that was said my shooters are nocturnal rut seems to have stopped a lot of small buck activity. Had 3 all together last night. See what happens been in since 545 one spike. GOOD LUCK GET ER DONE
  12. The 3 shooters on cam must be gay because the doe activity is crazy right now and zero chasing. 🤣
  13. Good luck all. Set in 50 ton of bucks on cam fresh scrape on way in. Raining and foggy zero wind. Let’s hope they get a whiff of this scent.
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