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  1. I don't care about bucks currently, just doe. Since I'm going on my first attempt at a hunt tomorrow, I want to find a park to go to that's good for beginners.
  2. I see that your profile picture is a bear. How can I bear hunt in NJ? I heard that you must do it on private land, but how do you find private land for bear?
  3. is wildcat ridge wma good for deer? I see that place is a possibility for me but Idk if there is any deer there
  4. thanks for the patience. 1 last question: If i have a deer permit (which has no limit on doe), how do I tag the deer? I'd assume I wouldnt put a physical tag on it because its an unlimited use one.
  5. thanks for the answer. just to clarify: I can hunt any of those lands without any extra permits besides the deer ones?
  6. I know the other stuff because I took hunters ed. How to report a harvest, proper safety measures, what distance to keep from buildings, but is there any places where I can hunt that don't require any permits besides my basic hunting license? The rules are ambiguous to me on specifically that issue, and for the most part, thats all.
  7. How can I hunt public land? What public land can I hunt without any permit besides my normal hunting permit? What piss and call should I use if I want to hunt this weekend? I have two tags for doe in zones 13 and 36, and 1 buck permit. Where can I use the buck permit and do I have unlimited uses of the doe permits? Thanks to anyone who answers; it helps a lot.
  8. how do i make my own post in the forum? im brand new
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