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  1. Just looking for an update on rut activity... anyone seeing any seeking/chasing? Haven't been in the woods since Sunday where I saw things start to heat up but more Pre Rut activity. Also deciding on whether to hunt Friday Afternoon after the storm or Sat morning... anyone have any in put on that?
  2. Didn't officially weigh him. Father and I estimated him around 175. No ag fields where I'm hunting- may have to do with smaller size... Distant relative is probably more likely.
  3. Tough early season this year. Not one daytime sighting or even daytime picture of a shooter. Finally got the right weather front yesterday and set up in zone 13. Lots of action all evening. Saw about 15 deer total. 3 or 4 decent bucks. All acting very aggressive towards eachother- things are starting to heat up. Right around 6p.m. had a the biggest deer of the evening come through at around 25yds. Double lunged him and he dropped within 40 yds. Looked back at some pictures from years prior from the same exact location of where I shot him. Had this one back in 2017 and I'm almost p
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