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  1. Where at? I spend a lot of time in the area, have some property in Richfield Springs on the lake.
  2. 20a

    Chainsaw Help?

    Great info, appreciate all the advice!! Not a fan of the electric saw, I'm not too worried about being quite in the deer woods since most of my work will be done before May. Will pick something up over the next month or so.
  3. Hey All, With this being one of the only online forums I belong to, I figured I would ask here for some help. Can anyone point me in the right direction when it comes to chainsaws?? Looking to pick one up and have absolutely zero idea where to start. New or used, Brand, Length.... I am lost. I have tired to provide some details below, but lmk if more is needed. If I had to guess, I would say I would use it 10-20 times a year. Primarily clearing some small trees and general landscaping work. Maybe clear a food plot or two in the woods. No firewood processing.
  4. Based on reviews from others, I would buy a set of used higher end sticks Vs the hawks. I hear they can be pretty terrible.
  5. 20a

    Paying for College

    Not related to your question but, a tip... you can take a good amount of the gen ed credits at community college online. The classes are easier and much cheaper!! This way you can take 12 credits per semester at the 4 year school, and the addtl 3 at the CC. Take another CC course over the winter and summer and you can either finish early or relax your senior year
  6. I have never done it before, but I need to give it a go this year.... They have overrun the mountain I hunt, the deer are pushed out of certain areas. I am not going to lie, I am a little hesitant with them being so dog like, I guess I need to get over it and do it for the good of the deer! I am strictly a deer/bow hunter so this will be a new experience for me.
  7. 20a


    Regular season gets a little slow with the style of play most teams use. Playoffs the action is better.
  8. Not looking for a new toy, but where is the FLL in Northvale? I am in Old tappan, so curious.
  9. Same as said above, I would not over think it. I have purchased a few to try out and generally speaking, they are all the same in terms of comfort. Especially if you are doing the standard 2-4 hour sits. All day sits are hard no matter what. As for the platform, that really depends on the kind of hunting you do. Long walks up hills - go with a ring of steps or the "Solo Scout". Have private land where you can preset - use old hang on, put them on the opposite side of the tree compared to hunting out of the stand traditionally and stand on the seat. Same as above for climbing sticks
  10. Completely forgot about Christmas... Saturday it is!
  11. Was out in zone 7 did not see a single deer. Look like the temp is going to drop on Friday, hopefully I’ll get out then.
  12. Nothing for me today, didn’t even see a deer this afternoon
  13. Next year we will be seeing deer drives on horseback!!
  14. In the stand now, got in early. Was out this am nothing within range.
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