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  1. Good luck - I am busy with work and will not get out until this weekend. Saturday AM looks like it might be nice !! Everyone hates on the early season, as long as the bugs arent too bad I like the early season!
  2. Good luck to everyone!! No hunting for me this weekend. Hope to be back out next weekend.
  3. I am all for creating the best possible habitat for ALL wildlife, I don't mind invasive species. I am also not educated on the topic, so I could be completely wrong.
  4. 20a

    hunting aids

    Land land land - then a tractor to make trails and food plots all over…. But then we are looking at $1mm For a more reasonable amount of money I would go with top of the line winter clothes to stay comfy in the stand. I get cold easy.
  5. I hunt in an area that has a lot of bears, just this past weekend saw a mom with 3 Cubs. I wish we could carry a side arm, sure they are calm and usually run away but I don’t want to be the guy that figures out that they are aggressive to people. Rather have it and never need it than need and not have. if I come across bear spray for sale in a store, I will pick it up. Right now my only defense would be the bow, which would be nearly impossible to nock and fire in time. Then a knife- we know how that would end…
  6. No luck for me this am - I knew I should have repositioned my stand to be closer to a white oak that was raining acorns but I was lazy. So today I watched deer eat from 50 yards away.
  7. It’s soggy out, I’ll be out of the tree by 830, if I even make it that long. Looking forward to the day where I shiver a little in the tree haha
  8. Just got set up - good luck to those who are out!
  9. If you were hunting out west moving around for elk or really any type of spot and stalk hunting I get the need for the best light weight hunting clothes… for treestand hunting I understand the need for Sitka late season gear- I do not think you need Sitka or similar for early season treestand hunting. Cotton long sleeve and pants work fine
  10. 3 does just strolled by in the thicket behind me… headed right for the oak that’s been dropping acorns all day
  11. Been in the tree for an hour, small fawn just came through. Wind is swirling, not ideal but great to be out.
  12. Will try to head out on Sunday, the maybe Tues/Wed.
  13. I took off from work Nov 8th - 16th, hoping the action is hot then
  14. I was in 2nd grade and I can remember that day so vividly, everything about it. Walking out of school and there was an abnormal amount of parents waiting outside of the school. I remember eating dinner and my parents trying to explain what happened, its still a day that is very upsetting to me, I can only imagine what it is like for those who had to visit ground zero, my thoughts are with you. I now work in 3 world trade, before we started working from home, I would always take off Sept 11th -going into the office and sitting right there looking out my window at the monument didn't sit right with me, just felt off. This Saturday, I will be sitting in my tree reflecting on how each day is a blessing
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