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  1. This article mainly talks about the open debate - Murphy made his political comments to garner votes but he won't ban the bear hunt. Especially since there has been an increase in the bear population. Maybe some additional regulation to make opponents happy but it won't happen. I don't hunt bear . I may at some point but on the fence - I think it is messed up killing cubs but per this article 72% of NJ hunters won't kill cubs. It seems cub killing is the out-of-staters. I think a great rule of thumb for ANY species for this or any state is as long as the population is maintaining or incr
  2. My Uncle retired early - way too early IMO , even tho he had put his years and got his full pension as a cop, i have no idea why he retired at 55. He left money on the table, and that is something that will haunt you. Also - these are much different circumstances and a different time. I have seen the responses and the truth is, even with this example, this is your choice and only you can make it. Unfortunately, we live in a time where Unions and Pensions are all under attack. 2 years seems like a lot - but it will fly by. Maybe take it 6 months at a time and go from there. We all c
  3. Yup. its interesting because they brought back the hunting programs in the northern counties and cited the Deer population destroying local farms and ppls landscaping as well as affecting the ecosystem for local wildlife.(of course the Libs had a fit online about this in Plainfield) But yeah, you're doing that for deer and hogs are way more destructive. They rip everything up so literally nothing can grow back. I'd love to nab me a hog, hang and cure for some fresh gabagooooooo
  4. Someone posted a link from 2019 so now im not. I could have sworn when i got the digest for this year it said to report and shoot on site. I mean it would make sense given the damage they;re causing in the south and the hunters cant keep up.
  5. LMAO this NEw Jersey - Taxes down??? bahahahahh In all seriousness tho, something has got to be done about that. I think with the push of moving Unions from guarenteed pensions to 401s will assist but we shall see. The worst governor was Corzine. That man raised everything and tried to raise more and build more tolls. insanity. Murphy has increased costs slightly for new jerseyans but he has not been nearly as bad as previous democratic governors. He can actually save some face if he gets this pushed thru and is able to lower property taxes. But hey, this is Jersey, hes a Dem, hell i thin
  6. Its youre call, and honestly most posting are braver than others. I do not, but I hunt less crowded areas. I mean some of the WMA from what i hear are overly crowded during gun season so - you may. i DO however always bring a whistle with me in case anything happens.
  7. Everyone has become literal. I think the point the state makes is that if here are some in the low numbers, its escaped from local farms. Hoards of feral hogs from the south are not in this state. Ppl keep saying "they're coming" but i think everyone on this forum can attest if its even a problem in NJ which presently it is not.
  8. its statewide shoot on site for wild hogs, during any season. No permit required.
  9. Look - I;m not claiming anything here, but my hunting buddy said it and I was shocked too............. i haven't seen One- Single- Tick this season. Not one. Could be my gear, I use Sawyer Premium on it. But seriously, nothing i saw this year. It was so strange, i remember as a kid, our dog was always COVERED, mom would spend a lotta time plucking them off of him.
  10. Yep, i learned that one too. I actually cancelled a few trips out because of weather this year during the Rut. Thought for some reason even in the snow it "MAY be slightly easier bc theyll be up and moving looking for food but learned its NEVER Easy. Plan on scouting a lot tho in the offseason
  11. Glad you're okay. It's imperative that you, and everyone else receiving this Vax report every single side effect. Its monumental, all of these vaccines are currently in Phase 4 of their trials and will continue to be for the next couple of years. It's an unorthodox to how we usually have had to do this but its what needed to be done. I was thinking about this for fun the other day - How ironic is it that Bernie Sanders campaigned on 'going after Big Pharma' and then a pandemic hit......imagine if he won? =D
  12. Spot on here. I didn't expect to get out as much this year as i did, but i really pushed in 2 separate zones. Omg I loved it, except for the fact that last saturday i was sure I was going to have a heart attack bc of the snow still on the ground haha. Trekking in that with my Summit Stand on my back, by the time i got up in the tree, i thought my heart wouldn't stop racing. I plan on Turkey hunting this year but we'll see
  13. This past weekend i went out twice and unfortunately came home empty handed. I think the insult to this was as i was climbing down i kicked up a deer nearby as it ran off in the opposite direction. Even still, I had a ton of fun this year. Its made me realize how much of a joke its become that ppl are against hunting, and how much others are missing out, how much i was missing out procrastinating about getting my hunting license all the years before. Anyways, i hope you all had a great season, I've followed most of your posts and saw how well a lot of you did, I hope next year is different! Ch
  14. A common comment i read hear and get from other hunters, " you do NOT NEED to hunt with Sitka gear" However, if the right deal is available and you can afford it, by all means. I think its overkill for New Jersey tho, i'm sure those guys in the northern states will say otherwise but
  15. Its Oregon, remember "West Coast thinking" smh
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