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  1. I bought a Redhead Parka from Cabelas- i was up last wednesday and it was but my upper half was fine, I WORE THE WRONG PANTS HAHA go figure tho! I have RedHead Coveralls i wear for 6day and later - but that Parka holds strong on cold days.
  2. CVA delivered to house?! That's what I am going with - how recent was this? WHy do i feel as if this is illegal in NJ haha thanks Murph! Sorry- its all confusing to me. WHat's the point of the background check to get your RFID and then do another NICS background check to buy the damn thing? Off-topic, ik ik oh brother
  3. Was wondering where you went to purchase your muzzy, and if you mounted your scope yourself or let that place mount it for you? I'm missing out this year but i wont be next year. I'm in union county area - i found someone good for my bow - but i'd like to have a place i can rely on for smithing if needed
  4. Best of luck to all. Next year i will be joining the Muzzy crew when i make my purchase this year in the offseason.
  5. There are big bucks all over the state. something to always remember. Never know when one will pop up when youre out there
  6. My area i hunt is absolutely covered in bear scat. I haven't been up in a couple of weeks but last time up it was all i found. My buddy was up last week and found deer scat by my stand and in the area so it appears they are moving back around. Bears will always be plentiful in new jersey. especially now since we won't have a hunting season for a year.
  7. was just typing this up. Yep, good stuff. I'm very happy to see that a jury, AND THE COUNTRY was able to see the truth come out. If im Rittenhouse, i'm on a plane to NYC for the best law firm - telling them they can have 45% of winnings for my defamation suit against every major media outlet. Wonder if theyll charge the guy that got shot in the bicep and lied to police. That is what SHOULD happen
  8. Has this happened to any of you before? So no, those are not falling trees and htey look much brighter on my phone. That looks like a rack to me. Have any of you had something similar where its so close it looks like an Xray? TO note- we have seen 2 different bucks and a few does in October.
  9. Update - the situation was calmly handled as intended. My post was out of some frustration but also indicating courtesy and direction I noted originally how we can all sort of expect this on public land - but when you see one stand you should keep looking up for another just in case. It has seemed that lately - some have had worse scenarios where stands are stolen or blinds have been messed with which i don't have words for how aggravating it is to read about that stuff. Scouting is crucial to hunting, and yes its important to note where other stands are. It's not about 'claiming' land - but you never know when someone will be in them or if they are absolutely a responsible hunter also. As always i am grateful for all inputs- violence never solves anything - cheers to all the posts and input. Happy hunting all!
  10. Public land is public lands so i understand it. Mobile hunting is really being marketed well and is becoming very common, and i also want to get into it but i know to be a successful hunter you familiarize yourself with the area you're hunting. And if you see MULTIPLE stands you don't plop in between them, thats an indication if the area is good, you're going to pressure the deer more and keep them away or your plopping in the middle of what is now a dead zone pending on the year. if you saw one stand the way they're positioned its not to hard to miss. My buddy texted me and he was in his stand a little after 5. This guy walked in at 715 today - no camo either. I think itll get sorted out i think hopefully reasonably.
  11. Thats just as inviting honestly in my opinion. The disregard. I hunt public lands and some of the WMA. for the brave souls that leave their equipment up - i stay respectful and keep it moving onward bc thats the right thing to do.
  12. I needed an attention grabber. Listen - we get it, its an understanding all hunters can hunt anywhere -first come first serve. But- dont be a complete moron. This advice can save your life. The present situation - I've posted numerous times about a spot i was invited to put a stand up near a friend of mine and his fathers stand, NEVER GIVING AWAY AOBVIOUSLY EXACTLY WHERE IT IS. They have been hunting this area for over 15 years and have moved stands around and rarely seen anyone ever. We are positioned well , we have 4 stands covering approximately 500 yards or area. We have 3 stands stretched out along a row that are about 100 yards from each other. A ground blind and a trail cam popped up near the 1st and second stand within 50 yards or less of these stands. DO YOU EVEN SCOUT THE LAND YOU ARE HUNTING? if you see 3 stands in an area - thats a key to NOT PLANT YOUR FLAG IN THE MIDDLE! If these weren't seasoned hunters with itchy trigger fingers, impatience and it was 6day you want to risk that? I've got to say, i see more posts about stuff like this and its so aggravating. IF you find an area, scout the whole thing. IF you see a stand up, be courteous to that area and search elsewhere. Obviously if you're a scumbag piece of garbage you won't care and youll probably steal the equpiment or something. But there's enough information out there that will tell you about hunting and HOW TO SCOUT! Now - we now know why our area that started with 2 bucks and a few does is now dead on the cam. Its more infuriating that "oh theres a stand nearby, i'll just walk away from it and put up a ground blind without checking the rest of the area" The worst part is - there's so much other area to cover to hunt and this guy is smack in the middle of it all. I'm not out there today, but my friend and his father are and they saw you walk-in in your black hoody like a complete clutz. Pay attention.
  13. Yeah i have a summit stand as well. Its just one of the areas I hunt has a very steep hill to climb so carrying the climber on my back for that hike its really ideal. But i think itd be worth getting into the saddles and setting up some other stands i nthe area that i can bring a couple of sticks with me to climb up. I love my self climber tho i feel so much more secure in it. I could nap in it
  14. I actually watched a youtube this weekend about saddles setup - and htis guy also setup Ozonics during the video. Couldn't stop laughing --- SMH
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