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  1. simple....... people will believe anything these days. they believe Government solves issues, which on the rare occassion they some times do. However, as we continue to see it only makes things worse
  2. YouTube - bucket mouse trap. literally the easiest way to handle this. Also get the commercial mouse traps you see at building complexes, they help, but thats the most effective thing i've seen and works everytime
  3. Its all politics. Murphy and Democrats need every damn win they can get. There's enough people against the bear hunt to garner attention. the bear population is up, but its not at an alarming rate to wear DEP or F&G are there to push for it. Figure theyll cancel it for now - and reopen with restrictions similar to the last proposal "federal land only" . All bear interactions should be reported as it poses more of threat to domesticated animals than humans., even if it isn't dangerous. I really think this is just temporary.
  4. not that i'm aware - but the email i received from F&G didn't indicate anything was. feel as though they gave in to play nice and said "what's a year to the hunters?"
  5. I know this has been discussed but its official as of today. New Jersey Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy current policy has expired. Since there is no plan in place due to Septem 27 2007 supreme court ruling now Balck Bear hunt can occur without a properly-promulgated CBBMP proposed by the NJF&G council and approved by the Commissioner of the NJDEP.
  6. Gotta love it. If you're not interested in getting a Vaxx - DONT IGNORE SCIENCE! We, the United States Government, are renaming a species of fish duly discovered by a scientists.... - DONT IGNORE THE SCIENCE!
  7. and what did that science say? Bear population is up , doubled in the past 2 years. As frustrating as it may be for most on here to see, it only means when it comes back there will be plenty of bear for you to harvest
  8. To add to this - this can also be the result of your area being gun-lovers and the whole town is stacking up given the current threats of more gun law enforcement on a weekly basis these days.
  9. Last year i waited a couple of months. This year I kinda of expect the same thing, for the union county area but could be wrong.
  10. i find it interesting that during off-season theyre roaming together. In my area (where there is only county agency hunting allowed) >:/ theyre together both bucks and does but during hunting season theyre separate. Guess it makes sense bc of rut and what not but, idk , good for you where you got this camera, looks like youll have a good season!
  11. A friend of mine has both (RT-380 & He's fully sold me on either, and mainly illl be purchasing a recteq(RT-380) probably. He says you cant lose between those two
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned - couple of things, and by all means please chime in if you heard otherwise. IN regards to Tesla - I have been informed you can only have a Tesla maintenanced at Tesla. You can't bring it to Bob the mechanic down the streets who youve relied on for years. Not sure if anybody even knows the answer - but all that rain we had and all that flooding. I know there's a lot of electric cars in NYC. So if an electric car was fully submerged, is it done for good?
  13. Same reason all stores are crumbling................... AMAZON! I mean tho, its just bad business decisions. chain restaurants. granted - COVID-19 had an impact on everything but I mean all these companies expanded too quickly. How many sports/outdoors stores are needed to compete, especially when everything can be shipped to you these days. It sucks though because Cabelas/Bass Pro experiences are fun.
  14. Agree with your sentiment here how most on this forum are actually in a good place. However, one can't help but notice the stranglehold government has placed upon its citizens. Ergo - one of the common posts on this site, is updates to 'regulations on hunting'. As hunting decreases in popularity year by year - it does at least in this state, more regulation is proposed and enforced. And unfortunately, it is mainly due to the outcry of people refusing to read or understand perspective of the importance of hunting and our role in the ecosystem. As pointed out - this intrusion isn't just about hunting but on many issues all over. It sucks. However, i digress. THe initial post blamed a sitcom series and rap music. To which i echo your point, most have it well and the issues are not with a TV sitcom or any music in general. Its simply people lacking not just perspective, but respect for one another and their choices.
  15. Rap music and the kardashians have nothing to do with any of the issues in this country. Id say theres more rap music complaining about government then you realize. Big government......people in general allowed themselves to make excuses, ask the government to fix their problems. Not being accountable for their own choices, decisions, mistakes i "its always someone else's fault" - and here's where I will actually pinpoint the event. The very first time i heard an obese woman sued fast food restaurants because thats all she fed her children and they were obese and won. That is when it all started - you can sue for anything, and the government needed legislation for everything
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