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  1. I Highly recommend still filling out the FASFA. Even if its only part of the cost its still worth it. Do some research im sure theres a way to qualify for the loans from the government. Also do not take out variable rate loans if you go private, take the Fixed as we are headed for inflation and rate have to go up at some point after being down for so long.
  2. Never touch the 401k, unless its life-saving surgery or something of that nature. Take as much Federal Loans out as you can because that is the area where Loan Forgiveness is, and the rates will always be the lowest, bc the banks literally wants no part of it. Student Loans are riskier than mortgages and credit cards, they hate them, yet still take advantage when they can. Investing is about compiling, among other things. I leave my 401ks alone, I have an investment account on Robinhood that i took my earnings out this year for bills. It doesn't have as much as the the 401K o
  3. Didn't see or hear a thing yesterday. I mean it did get rather windy as the day went on which made it harder to hear movement but it was dead. I know winter is a tougher hunt but i didn't see a thing from morning till day. I walked over a bedding area on my win but thats about it. Thinking i should have baited the area for my next trip out...
  4. Yup, I haven't used this setup yet but i watched plenty of videos on it and looks like a great alternative as well
  5. This is a great point. Winter is a tough season to hunt and they are less active around this time. And even access is always harsher in early Fall, man did some lanes open up for me in some of my spots. To the original post, I suggest investing in a self-climber. I have a fixed stand in an area i regularly hunt but for on the go, the self climber allows you to go straight to a new area and hunt.
  6. Watched a bunch of videos on of all climbers and you definitely have to do your own Mods to make it comfier. I must say im shocked Summit hasn't done this already with regard to the back-cross rods on the top bar. I wrapped them in 1 inch pipe insulation and camo duck tape. If i didn't do that, it probably have metal digging into my back, but anwyas whatever works for any hunter i guess.
  7. I have the SD, 20 lbs.....made some mods on it. I don't have a big walk in at the spot I'm at today,but I'll say I felt great with it on my back, felt I like I could have gone further in. This thing is awesome. Now if only a buck will get lost near me....... Ugh dropped a glove today!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  8. Out here with my summit treestand....this thing is dangerous, as in I'm so comfortable I could pass out. My lord...... nothing see yet, hoping for something, gl to everyone out there today!
  9. I just choked laughing , my wife everytime i've come back this year is like "oh no deer, how come? theyre like all over?" I tell her everytime to come with but of course oh no she has better things to do... ha
  10. This is the best thread I've seen in a while. I'm in no ways ready for a hunt like that but i read a lot about them and plan on doing one sometime. I found this article to be extremely helpful with getting an idea. It has even the distances from some east coast cities to elk hunting destination. Good luck! https://www.backcountrychronicles.com/diy-western-elk-hunt-for-1000-budget/
  11. Absolutely great work. If my wife sees this itll be my next project!
  12. The wife and I got ours this morning. Put that right into the rainy day fund. I know that we're all in different statures on here, and your check is yours to do with as you please, but I'd hang on to that tiny sum for the rainy days to come. I hope all on here will be okay and not impacted by the stupidity of our so-called leaders but the worst has yet to come IMO. I continue to see more and more posts of businesses selling their equipment (gyms and restaurants mostly) and it breaks my heart.
  13. I get notifications sent to my email from NJDEP fish and wildlife so I'd imagine something like that will come thru
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