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  1. We made sure of that. I showed my grandson how to revive it effectively and then ensure that it swims off strongly. His hands got seriously cold in that cold water but he was determined to see that fish swim away.
  2. I took one of my grandsons fishing for those little stockies. This one wasn't too bad.
  3. Gotta give it to you Hemlock. That's a great GIF.
  4. ERS


    There is a great amount of talent there! Set up a website and start a small business. You have no idea how much this could grow. Push the fact that they are made in the USA. Go to craft shows to get your name and company out there. Believe me: there is great potential there!
  5. When my daughter applied for acceptance to several colleges she had to submit essays that were reviewed by the college "elite". They had to determine if she would "fit" into their liberal mold and accept their propaganda. She created essays that were pure "blue skies and butterflies" covered in 24 caret bullshirt. She was accepted in every school. They had no idea that they just accepted a staunch conservative. She played their game, got her BA and Masters, and is doing great. The libs have completely highjacked the educational system and that is one of the things that is going to kill t
  6. Bolton makes a good bike. Check out Juiced bikes also.
  7. I have an 870 Magnum rifled slug barrel with iron sights that takes 3" available. Like new.
  8. Thanks for the "heads up". I fish the at Point Pleasant alot and always like to have this in case I need it.
  9. ERS

    Fiddle heads

    Thanks for the info. I'm from Northern NJ, Morris County, and I spend a lot of time hunting and fishing in Sussex and Warren counties.
  10. ERS

    Fiddle heads

    I missed Greybeard's video. If you have more to add, per my earlier inquiry, all info is appreciated.
  11. ERS

    Fiddle heads

    Can you offer some guidance on which are safe to eat and which ones to avoid? Are they relatively common in NJ or somewhat rare like morel mushrooms? Any pictures available?
  12. ERS

    Fiddle heads

    Years ago I hunted bear in New Brunswick and the outfitter gave me a large bag of them to take home. Everyone at home loved them. Try to buy them now. Prices are super high.
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