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  1. I’ve got a 10yd “range” cos it’s the best I can do. my backstop is just another bag, and the backstop behind that is a concrete wall. aint pretty or fancy, but i shoot every day
  2. So have the slug barrels, they’re up around $200, absolutely insane and of course you can’t find any combos GL with the search
  3. Thanks for the responses, sounds like contacting someone who can give me a straight answer is probably the best way forward i think getting way deep is my best chance on public, which is why I’m trying to get as far as possible in
  4. There’s a piece of WMA I’d like to hunt, but requires several hours of trek including kayak over water. I’d rather not be doing that solo during dark. Can I drop a 1 person tent and stay overnight? the regs say this: It’s kinda vague. Would I be “camping”? The spirit of the rules seem to be to keep WMA as wildlife and hunting areas and not flood it with people wanting to party or go camping in the sense of a load of people not there to hunt what do y’all think?
  5. It’s just not this thread. You can visit any thread about anything and it often devolves into political nonsense also, in an ideal world a thread titled “vaccine info” would have.. vaccine info in it. But pretty quickly it turns into why Biden or Trump or Mickey Mouse is going to destroy the world. so yeah, maybe I could spend 80% of my time on this site filtering out the noise to get to the genuinely great trail cam photos and discussions about which full size truck has a good tow capacity and bow tuning techniques and where to get a rem 870 these days, but it’s such a chore trying to find those.
  6. I agree, I wish more people were like this. I always thought the US was full of independent thinking people, but everyone jumps on a hot topic and supports an angle like it’s a local sports team - regardless of what any data shows. it takes humungous balls and a pretty wise mind to say “this new information shows that my position may be wrong, and I need to update that” rather than just continue finding information to support your pet ideology
  7. Stop visiting? Yeah maybe I should. I think this site in general has a lot of great people & I've learnt a ton, which is why I’m mentioning this. I suspect I’m not the only one who it annoys though. I don’t really blame the mods, they have a wildly thankless task where any action they take will be unpopular to some subset of visitors.
  8. Vaccine “discussion” threads are just thinly veiled political rants and should live in NMP so 99.99% of people who come for hunting & fishing don’t have to try find actual content change my mind.
  9. djhunt

    New gadget

    Why do you need to send your email address to a Chinese company just so you can use a lock? That puzzles me a bit
  10. Lifetime tamarack angler. Scooped it up this last winter when the price was at a low. just got some nice wheels to drag it around on, otherwise I’m keeping it simple. Tempted to do a fish finder and tackle box setup and all that, but I find the more shit I’ve gotta prepare the less likely I am to just get on the water, and ya can’t catch fish on the couch. most fun you can have with ya pants on for $300
  11. Can you DM me a price for all the cameras + clay thrower? Heading that direction I this weekend
  12. Got my pair, thanks for the heads up!! im usually an 11 so ordered 11, they’re snug but I think I can make them work wasn’t sure if the m&ms were an accident but happy to hear they’re not!
  13. I appreciate all the feedback, it sounds like it is legitimately a worthwhile investment. I might do some research and buy a few better things. Almost everyone raves about merino, so I'll definitely look into that. This is a near-verbatim quote from a book I just read ("bowhunting public land whitetails" by Tony J Peterson), which is actually what got me writing this post and reconsidering my idea that a 19.97 jacket and a 300.00 jacket might not both be "just clothes"
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