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  1. Got my pair, thanks for the heads up!! im usually an 11 so ordered 11, they’re snug but I think I can make them work wasn’t sure if the m&ms were an accident but happy to hear they’re not!
  2. I appreciate all the feedback, it sounds like it is legitimately a worthwhile investment. I might do some research and buy a few better things. Almost everyone raves about merino, so I'll definitely look into that. This is a near-verbatim quote from a book I just read ("bowhunting public land whitetails" by Tony J Peterson), which is actually what got me writing this post and reconsidering my idea that a 19.97 jacket and a 300.00 jacket might not both be "just clothes"
  3. I've been lucky so far and have bought all my clothing at most $50 (boots which were on special down from $120... dicks wiping out hunting stock at my local store) Now it's getting colder and I need more layers. But everything seems to be very very expensive, so two questions Is high priced gear honestly worth it? Will $300 put into a jacket mean I'm out in the woods more often and therefore much better spend than saving for a bow upgrade in a few years? Where can I buy at a reasonable price which isn't junk? Not sure if relevant but I tend to overheat easy when moving but
  4. Z6. Crunchy frosty leaves! Spike came in but I was unprepared. More learning
  5. Out in Z1, bumped at least one bedded. Good wind, hoping to pick up on where they went
  6. Out in z6, I think I need a new zone. One doe in binos but not a ton of sign or sighting
  7. That awesome, they’re fun to watch. Damn good still hunters
  8. Just watched this fella putting a stalk on a squirrel before it scented me. Got a video of it. How common are they?
  9. Out in z6, tree stand for the second time (getting more familiar/smooth with it), good luck all!
  10. Good luck to you and your wife! I was up off the ground for the first time this morning, thanks to oldghost! Didn’t see a lot but being in a tree stand is great, hopefully be out every weekend and then some
  11. thanks for all the responses and DMs too. I've followed this forum for a fair while but only just got posting so very warm welcome This would be awesome, will send a PM shortly! Passaic county, Clifton to be specific
  12. I’m wondering if anyone is willing to let me come out on a hunt, so I can absorb as much knowledge and experience and become a much better hunter im prepared to carry backpacks, drag/lift deer, scout, whatever. I’m in north NJ but you name a time and place and I’ll be half an hour early. I don’t have a tree stand but if that’s what’s required I think I can talk my “finance manager” into it as she’s keen for wild venison. Happy to just watch others shoot. i grew up fishing and in the outdoors but have been confined to apartments for a while, so picked up a bow about a year ago and sta
  13. Huge congrats! That’s quality family time
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