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  1. Haha looks like a good way to taste a knuckle sandwich.
  2. The affidavit and warrant indicate that the bitcoin wallet was located on computer systems in California. However, i won’t believe that the Fed has the private keys unless they publish the transaction id for everyone to see.
  3. I just moved one out of the road at work today. The little fucker was hissing at me got me with it’s claws as i picked it up! And funny, i said the same thing, i said look at this dinosaur!
  4. Where are you located?
  5. I know that. My point is that a rifle, like a .270 for example has probably 5 times the Me of a 9mm. I was trying to show how silly the rule is.
  6. I’ve got apple trees that i planted like 4 years ago. One finally bloomed this year, and the other really took off and grew like 2 feet but no flowers. We will see.
  7. Ok, so my initial impression of you was right on the money.
  8. I was good. The pulled pork was good however I have made better. But the wings were awesome.
  9. Out for a solo motorcycle ride and found myself here, just sitting down for lunch now.
  10. gnttn

    20 & Out Passed

    You can say you respect the police all you want. It doesn’t matter if you don’t respect the system they are part of. You said it yourself, “As to their pay and benefits, cops earn it.” So do they earn it or not?
  11. gnttn

    20 & Out Passed

    I meant a penalty as in receiving nothing until the age of 55 if they decide to retire at 20 years, which was the case until this was passed. Keeping in mind most cops start in their early to mid 20’s.
  12. gnttn

    20 & Out Passed

    It’s good to know that cops who are burned out have the option to retire without penalty. Imagine having a burnt out, pissed off cop sticking it out for 5 YEARS just to get a pension. It’s not like they are working in a factory or desk job where being pissed off results in just poor performance or morale. A pissed off or depressed cop with a gun is a bomb waiting to go off. This is a lifeline, and rightfully so.
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